KITTIE Frontwoman: 'Our Albums Speak For Themselves'

The Western Courier's "The Edge" recently spoke with KITTIE frontwoman Morgan Lander about the band's "Metal Movement Tour", its origins, and the current state of heavy metal. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Edge: You guys are on the "Metal Movement" tour right now with OTEP and CRISIS. How did the idea for this tour come about?

Morgan Lander: "It was an idea we had to put together a package tour with two other female-fronted heavy metal bands. It's not really to make a statement or anything like that, it's just something that I don't think has ever been done before. I don't think there's been a tour that has had all female-fronted heavy metal bands. Most of the local bands on the bill are (female-fronted) as well.

"It seems to be working out really, really well. It's a great opportunity to come out and see some bands that you haven't seen before. If you're curious about women in heavy metal bands, you might be pleasantly surprised. It's not so much a statement as it is just to make people realize that there's so much equality in what we do."

Edge: Does it upset you when people single out KITTIE as an all-female band?

Morgan: "Yes and no. It's probably the most obvious thing for people that don't have much brainpower. They'll say 'Look, it's all females!" But I think that with time and with our musical progression, we've been able to get away from that. Our albums speak for themselves. They stand alone, regardless of the faces behind the music. Unfortunately, it's something that we'll never get away from, because it's the truth. We're all females. And with this tour, it's not something that we're trying to bring attention to, it's more like bringing awareness."

Edge: It seems like there has been a noticeable resurgence of creativity within metal over the last few years. Do you think that this will finally be the death knell for the "Nu"-metal that has been cluttering the airwaves?

Morgan: "The public is embracing heavy metal in some of its purer forms, and it's a great thing for all heavy bands. It will enable a lot of people to get the exposure they deserve. A lot of these bands have been plugging away for years and now are able to achieve the success they've always wanted. They've been working really hard, driving around in vans and stuff, and now they're on buses. They deserve it.

"I think maybe the public has been fooled for too long, and now they want something with substance and with musical merit. A lot of these bands that are coming out now, like LAMB OF GOD and SHADOWS FALL...they're really fuckin' talented! It's not like some monkey jumping around with one chord, you know? I think (the recent wave of metal) definitely has more staying power than what the whole nu-metal thing was or wasn't.

"The public's interest kind of goes in waves. I feel like heavy metal has always been pretty true and pure all along. Regardless of whether it's in the mainstream or not, it's always gonna be exactly what it is, and its never gonna go away. Now is its time, so let's all make the best of it."

Read Morgan Lander's entire interview with the Western Courier at this location.


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