NECROPHAGIA frontman Killjoy recently spoke to Unholiestgoddess of The Dirt about the group's upcoming album, "Harvest Ritual Vol. 1". An excerpt from the interview follows:

The Dirt: "Harvest Ritual Vol. 1" is finally coming after a long time in the making. You've always promised NECROPHAGIA would continue to get sicker and more vile. Describe "Harvest Ritual".

Killjoy: "'Harvest Vol. 1' is a very creepy, heavy and diverse record for us. It continues taking our base sound way further into realms of utter horror, and it's easily our best release thus far. The songs are all very catchy without losing the extreme metal roots which we will always have, but it's definitely a whole new side that will continue to be taken further with each release in the future. There's a really vile song called 'Stitch Her Further' that Joey Jordison [SLIPKNOT] co-wrote. It's just sick!!!"

The Dirt: Rumor has it that Bill Mosely, who plays Chop Top in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II" and Otis in Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses" in involved. How has he contributed to this project?

Killjoy: "Bill is a very good friend. I met him a few years back and we hit it off. He portrays a morbid schitzo disc jockey introducing one of the songs called 'London (13 Demon Street)' and will also be in the video for the song as well. He's truly a very talented and great guy for sure."

The Dirt: Are there any elements of this new album that longtime NECROPHAGIA fans might be surprised by?

Killjoy: "I think by now most know to expect the unexpected. We are audio horror — a horror/gore film in music medium. We follow no guidelines, no trends. There's a song called 'Akumu', which means 'Nightmare' in Japanese, and it's kind of like a morbid nursery rhyme/song with a layer of clean vocals, which is a first for NECROPHAGIA for sure .. ha ha... but all in all it's a very heavy, dark and creepy record for sure .. very unique."

The Dirt: What kind of bloody, violent horrors do you have planned for the stage show during the tour?

Killjoy: "We're currently having the new stage props designed now for the 'Harvesting the Dead' 2005-06 Tour. We've got a lot of sick and disturbing images, but I really don't wanna give too much away in advance. We wanna do things in a very sick, twisted and gory way without becoming a parody ala GWAR. So there is a fine line between horrific and overkill. But we know what we're doing and it's gonna be depraved for sure!!!"

The Dirt: You've spent most of this year in the studio. Are you feeling claustrophobic? Are you excited about getting out on the road?

Killjoy: "Yeah, it has been a very looong process. We've never spent 10 months recording before so it's just really insane at this point. But we're done and it was very much worth it. The sacrifice was not in vain. We've come up with something very unique, which is a rarity these days. We will never lose our roots, only expand upon them without ever losing the true heaviness and sickness which is the core of our sound."

The Dirt: How long a tour do you have planned and what areas will it cover?

Killjoy: "We are still looking at different touring possibilities. We definitely wanna start in the USA this time so we are looking at that. We might tour with DANZIG but nothing is certain. Hopefully within the next month things will be more clear and then I'll update you for sure."

Read the entire interview at this location.


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