KATAKLYSM Singer Says Politics Played A Part In His Band Losing OPETH Tour

In a recent interview with On Track Magazine, KATAKLYSM vocalist Maurizio Iacono was asked about the animosity between the KATAKLYSM camp and DEVILDRIVER over the fact that DEVILDRIVER were added as support for OPETH's last U.S. tour — a slot that KATAKLYSM were up for and didn't get (Story#1, Story#2, Story#3, Story#4). "This whole thing got blown into a crazy situation," he said. "I don't regret what I said because I really believe what I said and it was more out of an anger against the situation than anything. We were confirmed for this tour, I've heard that the singer of OPETH didn't even know that we were supposed to be on this tour, which I don't really believe. But we were confirmed for the tour, we were offered the package, we negotiated a price for it, we got it, we got the tour dates with all the information for the venues — we were pretty much about to say we were on it. And then we got notified that all of a sudden OPETH's management said they weren't too sure about having us, even though we were already done with negotiations. And then they were forcing us to make a decision, 'Are you cool? We need an answer now.' We decided to go for it 'cause it's a good tour for us; we never had a real big tour in the U.S. in thirteen years and now we finally had a shot, we were happy with it. And then OPETH's management goes online everywhere and says, 'Well, if DEVILDRIVER doesn't take the spot KATAKLYSM's gonna take it. Meaning we're gonna be filling a hole. I got aggravated about it and I received phone calls from other magazines asking my opinion on the situation, especially after they decided to go with DEVILDRIVER. My whole thing with this is, it's not about if we lost the tour or not, we did, it was a bad thing for us to lose it. At the same time if it would have been KATATONIA or any other death metal band in the scene that woulda got it, I woulda been cool with it, I wouldn't say nothin'. For me it was more about a band that never supported extreme music, never had any band opening up for 'em, like MORBID ANGEL or KATAKLYSM or SUFFOCATION or anybody, helping these underground bands get more exposure. Now, all of a sudden, he's [DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara, formerly of COAL CHAMBER] a metalhead, he hates everything he's done in eight years, and goes into the death metal scene and gets a shot right a way. His band's only been together for a year and a half whereas we've been together for thirteen years. Is it politics? Maybe, but I really believe somebody's lickin' ass somewhere. It happened the way it happened and we have nothing really against the band itself, we don't even know the guys, don't like their music either but that's my personal opinion. But it's not about that, it was about the politics surrounding it. Will DEVILDRIVER, if they get big, ever help any extreme music bands? I don't think so. I don't think they're gonna bring OPETH back on tour in the future or something, you know what I mean? But we always have to open that door for everybody, and they come in here and we give 'em everything and when they get big they forget about where they come from. All of a sudden he’s listening to MORBID ANGEL? It's just kind of weird and we were kind of bitter about it, we're over it now. We just wish all the bands the best of luck, but the guy did go out there and say stuff about my band afterwards, sayin' that I'm this and that. And I said, 'Dude, if you are real about this stuff then come and get in the van and tour, do it the underground way, don't overstep everything. Just do it the right way and get the recognition. 'Cause this scene, man, for me the underground is something that you've built, you live it; it's not something that you get overnight as a band and are just supposed to be true to it. It's something that you've gotta work hard to build and have that fan base that supports you. But it's kinda gotten out of hand. (Laughing)"

Read Maurizio's entire interview with On Track Magazine at this location.


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