KAMELOT Guitarist Discusses Upcoming Album

The German KAMELOT fan site recently conducted an interview with the band's guitarist, Thomas Youngblood. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Q: KAMELOT will enter the studio in June to record the new album. Will you start recording the new songs at that point, or will you use the time in the studio to finish writing while the whole band is together?

Thomas Youngblood: First we will sit down with our producers and discuss the songs, ideas, basic direction and how we want the album to sound. Then we will simultaneously work on finished songs as well finish songs that are not yet 100% complete. The overall recording process will take 3-4 months.

Q: Do you already know in which direction the songs for the new album will go?

Thomas Youngblood: Not yet, we have a good idea on some of it but the songs are not complete enough to have an overall direction. It will combine the style of the last three albums and we will add some new twists and turns.

Q: Will there be a longer song on the CD like "Memento Mori" or something special like the Elizabeth trilogy?

Thomas Youngblood: It seems so. One of the first ideas we had in Norway was a pretty epic piece that has a killer chorus. We don't set any particular goals in terms of how long a song will be or fast slow etc. We just want to write good songs and if we find the right vibe for a long one or two, then that's cool too.

Q: A lot of bands do special events with an orchestra these days like WITHIN TEMPTATION did with "The Black Symphony" or the EPICA show in Miskolc. Is KAMELOT thinking about something like this too, and if yes, are there any specific plans at the moment?

Thomas Youngblood: Well, to be honest, I feel like the orchestra thing is a bit overdone. It's not so special since quite a few bands have already attempted this. We have some ideas that are related to such an event but it would be done quite different and only for a special shoot, like a DVD, for example. So, I guess the answer is yes but in a unique way that only our fans deserve.

Q: You have been shooting material for a new DVD at Wacken, Assen and other festivals last year and also recorded parts of the Hard Rock Cafe after-show party for the bonus material. Can you tell us a bit more about the planned content of the DVD and when it will be released?

Thomas Youngblood: In this day and age, DVDs are becoming more and more important. So we are shooting video all the time, sometimes with high-budget cameras, other times with our personal HD cameras. We want to have plenty of footage to go through for the next DVD we are planning. It will be based on the next big tour and include the best of the best bonus footage from studio to the stage.

Q: KAMELOT's stage show is perfect for a larger stage, as everyone knows who has seen the "One Cold Winter's Night" DVD. But everyone who has been to a concert in a smaller venue knows what an intense and unforgettable experience it is. Technical and financial aspects aside, do you prefer to play in a large venue or in a small club?

Thomas Youngblood: There are benefits to both types of shows. On one hand, playing a large stage gives the fans a different visual and the band more space to move and perform. In a smaller venue, the crowd is right there on us and we like that a lot. Also we like it when the walls are sweating from the heat we all generate together. I distinctly remember playing in Tempe, Arizona and the temperature outside was over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). After the first song, we were all drenched, [and] one girl in the front row passed out from the heat. It was one of many intense shows!

Q: The band has done six videos by now. Do you like making videos or is it just a necessary burden?

Thomas Youngblood: We love making videos; it's like being an actor for one day in the year. I think videos are now so important for a band like KAMELOT that wants to let new fans see and hear what we are about. We have been very fortunate to have great directors like Ivan from Icode and Patric Ullaeus from Revolver.

Read the entire interview at this location.


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