JEFF PILSON Speaks Out On DOKKEN, L/P And World Politics

Former DOKKEN and current L/P bassist Jeff Pilson has addressed the rumors surrounding his previous group, the plans for his new band and the current political situation in a lengthy posting via his official web site.

According to Pilson, "I don't know if [drummer] Mick [Brown] is still in DOKKEN or not. And as for his participation in L/P, because he never called, I'm assuming he's still with Don [or at least hiding out!]. I would think if he were out of the band, he would have at least called to check in. But that's absolutely cool. We're tremendously happy with the job [L/P drummer] Fro has done and love him so much as a human being, we know the magic is there — musically and beyond. All I can say is, wait 'til you hear the record!

"As for Don's recent behavior(s), I really don't want to drag this into the ground," Pilson continued. "I will say that I understand everyone's frustrations. The band you knew and loved has all but deteriorated, and it's hard not to see the thread that Don tangles in all this. But as I've said before, try looking at the band as Don's solo band now, and judge it on its own merits. That would give him the leeway to change members frequently and to choose a different musical direction, as he appears to have done. Maybe without the comparisons to the past, Don [and for that matter all of us] can move on in a new light. I don't blame everyone for wanting to hear the truth, but that just doesn't seem to be happening. There's this very negative cloud over the whole thing, and people seem to be splitting into separate camps. And as for the DOKKEN message board being down — well what does that tell you? That's why I think everyone needs to back down to readdress the situation and look at it anew. Do I wish Don would call this group DON DOKKEN? Yes, I do think that would be right. I know I feel like I was, maybe inadvertently, pushed out of the band, as were most of the other recent members. And it certainly feels like a lot of these events wouldn't be happening if there were a real group effort happening right now. But at least things have worked out where I think we're all a lot happier away from the drama. I can only hope Don is happier too. So I guess it's up to him to decide. The biggest sadness in this is for the fans who have been so loyal from day one, or close to it. The fact that they've hung in there this long proves how amazing DOKKEN fans can be. But I still believe the best music from all members, past and present, is still to come. And this way there can be a lot more of it!"

With regards to L/P (Jeff's new project with ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch), there is "no final report on the L/P release or final label deals, just yet," said Pilson. "There are a few labels in the running [for the US and Europe — Japan will be JVC], but details aren't sorted out yet. Again, I'm hoping it will be resolved soon, but I imagine we're still talking a release early next year. I wish I had more to report, but at least the interested labels all seem to be very supportive and seeing the big picture. In this case I think the music has done the talking. But I do get more anxious every day to get it out there.

In the same posting, Jeff voiced his feelings on the current political situation in the world, particularly as it pertains to the possibility of a fill-scale war between the U.S. and Iraq.

"The world has me very upset right now," stated Pilson. "On one hand, I feel like a patriotic American, but I'm being torn apart by the nature of events going on in the world. The very core of American philosophy and policy are facing a challenge of the greatest magnitude, and could be soon, victims of extinction. The mere suggestion of a pre-emptive strike on a sovereign nation, with the purpose of overtaking its government, is such an overwhelming betrayal of the democratic ideals we were taught, I'm just too saddened for words. I'm also sickened by the thought that there are those in government, at powerful levels, who believe that there's merit in the US unilaterally attacking another country, even if the supposed governing body for the world were to say otherwise. That, to me, is power-crazed lunacy, and proof that the military industrial complex [I know that term seems so dated and overused- but here seems appropriate] is back and more dangerous than ever. It's not enough that the turning back of the economy towards a military one has done immense, nearly irreparable damage. Now it looks like we're creating new enemies and returning to cold-war mentality, perhaps even at a more intense level. And sadly enough, what a distraction from the real enemies [let's not lose focus on 9/11] and the ability to do good will that the US once had. I'm not advocating turning a blind eye towards anything — in fact I really think we need to really open our eyes to what's actually going on. It appears like these powerful governmental 'hawkish' elements actually think we're entitled to police the world, perhaps attain complete control over a region and its oil, and have no one to answer to. That's rogue mentality, and wasn't that what we were so against in the first place? Shouldn't we carefully sort out the facts from the politicized fiction, and let the international community do its own decision-making? Or have we forgotten that we not only live in a country, but in a multi-faceted world?

"I don't mean to be so political on an entertainment website. But right now I think this goes beyond simple politics. Democracy is all about the involvement of the people- and I think this could be a major 'call to arms'. Let's not let history write this as the moment that our empire got too greedy and turned on its own principles. There's power in intelligent debate, and through that power, I believe, lies the essence of control in our republic. Not to make light of this, but I think POISON had the right idea, let's get the power back to the people!"


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