JEFF PILSON Gets Excited About L/P Marketing, Touring Plans

Former DOKKEN and current L/P bassist Jeff Pilson has posted the following update to his official web site:

"As of the meeting with Spitfire [Records] on January 30, the release date for L/P [Pilson's collaboration with ex-DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch] will be April 22nd. As of today [Feb. 4th] it still says April 8th on the Spitfire website, but I believe the April 22nd date is correct. The positive side of that is the label wants as much time as possible to set this record up correctly, so it will work to our advantage. And let me tell you, we're extremely excited about the plans and vision for the record. First off, the label's excitement and enthusiasm were apparent from 'hello', so everything else was icing on the cake! The first focus of the campaign is something I'm real excited about. They really want to utilize the street teams and any and all fan activity to help spread the word. After the last few years of getting to know so many of you, this feels so right to me, that you all be an intrinsic part of this record. And the truth is, you had a lot to do with this record happening. So basically there will be an outside marketing company brought in [and this is a pretty high-profile company, which shows Spitfire's level of commitment], and they are going to coordinate an internet blitz. This, along with all street team activity, is where you guys can play a big part. Chad and Robin will be helping coordinate activities and taking names, etc. They will also be helping to coordinate the L/P website — which should be at least up, if not running, by the end of this month. This will be the communication center for street team people, fans, etc. I've seen some posts on the forum asking what will be asked of street teamers, so I'll try and give you some idea. Basically we'll be asking you to flyer various shows [I've seen the suggestion about WHITESNAKE, SCORPS, and DOKKEN and that's a perfect example — hope we can be up and running by then]. There will also be trips to record stores and lots of phone calling and e-mailing radio. In return we'll have t-shirts and other goodies for you, as well as samplers of the music. George and I both want the team to be well rewarded, but bear in mind this will have to be primarily a labor of love!! I believe you'll be able to delegate your own time to this where and when you can, any size contribution will be greatly appreciated. The goal, of course, is to get this record heard by as many people who are willing to listen. When the time comes for shows [and that's looking good as well], street team people will be on the list and we'll do our best to accommodate a meet-and-greet situation that makes everyone happy. I know there were a lot of slip-ups in the DOKKEN meet-and-greet world and we plan on rectifying that as best we can. Of course when things are out of our control we'll try and warn everyone, but I think, with a lot of effort, we can make this a very fun year for all.

"And speaking of touring, there may be some news soon. There are people asking about us, and with the strong support Spitfire is showing, I'm quite sure we'll be out on the road this summer promoting the hell out of this! Again the street teams will be invaluable to getting the word out, and getting folks in seats. I'd really love to meet a lot of you in person, and this would be the perfect chance.

"We still don't have a final release date in Japan, but they are manufacturing as we speak and we should know that soon. We're also really looking forward to working with the people at JVC again. They are so in love with this kind of music, it feels like such a strong place to be. They did so right by us with the self-titled record for Japan in 95, we're glad to be back on board. As we get word on that, we'll be posting.

"That's about it for now. I've been recording, in what spare time I can, the tracks for the next WAR AND PEACE CD, which I think is going to be extremely strong. The material kind of continues where the writing for L/P left off, so I'm very excited. I've got 9 songs so far [including, if I get permission to use it, 'Desperate Hearts' from the 'Rock Star' movie], and I've recorded 6 of them. Don't have a clue about label, release, etc., but I'll keep you informed- you're gonna want to hear this one. So thanx everyone — here we go!! Gonna be a great year — so hopefully see you out on the road somewhere in the near future! Take care."


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