JAMES LOMENZO: MEGADETH Fans 'Show Up In Most Unexpected Places'

MEGADETH bassist James Lomenzo has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"I want to thank the hundreds of you that I met last weekend at the London Guitar Show for stopping by the Ashdown booth and saying hi to brother JLo. It was quite an eye-opener to see so many British fans in attendance — really makes me want to get the boys back there as soon as possible.

"It never ceases to amaze me how often your fellow MEGADETH brothers and sisters show up in the most unexpected places. For instance, I'm going through customs at LAX Monday afternoon and I get held up in line behind this rather rough-looking fellow who's just been told by a slightly intimidating customs agent to 'come with him' for further interogation. The agent leaves his post with this poor kid and leaves me and a line of three behind me waiting for about seven minutes, which seems like a really long time after an 11-hour flight.

"Anyway, the customs agent returns and I move right up to him, hand him my passport and proceed to remove my shades (I have a theory that customs people appreciate not having to ask). Anyway, he looks me in the eyeballs, looks back at my passport, looks at my gig bag then pauses. I chime in with 'It's still me,' referring to the picture in my passport. The agent pauses and rather sternly says, 'Are you a musician, sir?' to which I reply, 'Bass player...' Agent asks, 'What band?'... 'MEGADETH,' says I. Now the agent's eyes are becoming uncharacteristically wide and his lips start to curl into a big confounded grin... 'Really?' he continues. Son of a b***ch if he doesn't start reciting the first verse of 'Sweating Bullets', right in front of me and the whole line behind me... 'Hello Me, Meet The Real Me!' and then more... 'In My Misfits Way Of Life...' I couldn't help but look around to see if anyone was seeing this (they were). The guy's supervisor comes over and tells him to keep it down. He doesn't. He starts looking down the line behind me and says, 'Is Dave Mustaine back there?' to which I reply, 'No, he came back a week earlier.' 'Oh, man,' says the agent. 'I've got to find something for you to sign.' He starts fumbling through his desk, pulls out a small yellow ruled pad and pushes it towards me. I check back over my shoulder to the line to see a woman becoming quite annoyed by all this (can't blame her). Anyway, I sign and then ask, 'Now can I come into America?' and he says 'Go right ahead...sir,' and he giggles a bit. So I'm thinking great! Now I'll just breeze through the luggage inspection and I'm home free. Well, I guess the guy at the inspection station wasn't quite as much of a fan or, maybe he was suspicious of my long-winded visit with Agent Mega-fan. 'Sir, would you mind stepping over there and opening your bags?' I half heartedly muttered under my breath, 'You ever heard of band called MEGADETH?'... No response..."


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