IRON MAIDEN Book Author Says 'Braindead' BLABBERMOUTH.NET Detractors 'Mean Nothing'

Paul Stenning, author of GUNS N' ROSES "The Band That Time Forgot" and AC/DC "Two Sides to Every Glory", who is going to be publishing a 130,000-word biography on IRON MAIDEN, entitled "30 Years of the Beast - The Complete Biography 1976-2006" (cover), has issued another update via his official MySpace page regarding the BLABBERMOUTH.NET detractors who have posted negative comments about his previously released book excerpts (see previous BLABBERMOUTH.NET stories: Story#1, Story#2).

Stenning's latest blog entry reads as follows:

"I thank all the retards who wrote to me regarding my last couple of blogs and of course a thank you to the very nice and clearly intellectual individuals who understand my ramblings. You're all important to me. Actually I'm joking, the detractors mean nothing, that was kind of the point of the previous blog, but DUH didn't expect you braindead blabbermouthers to get it, why do you think they called it BLABBERMOUTH?! Hardly a complimentary term, now is it?

"Anyway, the point is this. 2,000 people have read my blog in the past 24 hours, which can't be bad for business, can it? Oh God, I'm selling out again....

"No, the point is this...I'm a writer and indeed a person who speaks his mind. Because of this, many many people dislike me, some hate me, pity me, despise me, laugh at me, you name it. It's all been said and it's all been done to me before, I really don't get upset about it, just mildly irked or pissed sometimes. I get pissed when people don't understand me. Quite why I expect the majority to understand me I don't know 'cos it would be a first. But hold on, the point really is THIS. Most music writers keep themselves to themselves for the most part, they take the cheques and the plaudits, scrape over the negatives and keep their thick skin firmly locked and hidden behind closed doors. They don't promote themselves and they don't engage with the music-buying public. They my friends are the REAL hacks.

"I, on the other hand, promote myself so people become interested for better or worse and hopefully read my stuff and they get passionate about whether they agree or disagree. That's part of a democracy and I consider it a good thing. I know I have to take the bad with the good but if I balance it up the compliments come more than the condemnations.

"So be grateful there is someone willing to crucify himself online, many don't do it in my field, they're too busy slagging off bands then hiding away in their golden offices laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. Seeing as I'm not much of a serious money earner that's not my bag. Nope, I like to offend people and stir controversy. Worked didn't it? Hey, maybe I'll be rich now, (sarcastic, self-effacing, self-hugging prophecy).

"No more personal responses — I'm too rich and blase to enter into such contact."

Due in September, "30 Years of the Beast - The Complete Biography 1976-2006" is described by the author as "the remarkable true story of IRON MAIDEN from the year of their inception to the present day. This is a painstakingly deep and accurate history of the band, told by the author — a lifelong MAIDEN fan — and a whole cast of characters who were there at the time. These include: Janick Gers, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Paul Di'Anno, Derek Riggs, Neal Kay, Dennis Stratton and many more."

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