In a recent interview with RockUnited.com, HANOI ROCKS members Michael Monroe, Andy McCoy and new guitarist Stevie Klasson spoke about the group's latest single, upcoming album and other recent activities. Seveal excerpts from the interview follow:

RockUnited.com: Michael, you recently did an interview with MetalSludge.com and it concerned a lot about (MÖTLEY CRÜE/BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION bassist) Nikki Sixx

Michael: "It didn't concern about Nikki Sixx, I just merely stated that… the only reason I said anything was that they have that stupid album title 'Music To Crash Your Car To', the compilation album…"

Andy: "I thought it was rather tacky and tasteless…We all have our right to have an opinion of our own. I thought it was a shameful and tasteless title."

Michael: "I can sum it up in one line: that gave bad taste a bad name. The fact that I described his character as a… you know, self-centered or whatever, superficial and pretentious… the day after [HANOI ROCKS drummer] Razzle got killed he shows me phone numbers of all these girls that can come and do whatever you like. He was like 'You wanna get laid, man?' and I said 'Are you serious, my best friend just died!' I was never into groupies, but to say that the day after Razzle died, that's just the kind of people they are and there's a lot of people like that in Hollywood and in rock bands. It's embarrassing and I think they're really a no contribution to humanity."

Andy: "They're making one thing obvious; they haven't got anything new to come up with."

Michael: "Yeah, and nobody even cared… no one even knew about that band before this whole thing started picking up. We were doing too much of a favour to them. You know what? Actually, were all good friends and we planned this whole thing…" (laughs)

Stevie: "Yeah, to get some extra publicity…" (laughs)

Michael: "People really seem to like when you have a fight with somebody. When I had a fistfight with Andy it was a big headline news everywhere. Everybody loves when you have a fight in misery, you know?"

RockUnited.com: There was also some discussion about (former L.A. GUNS and current BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION guitarist) Tracii Guns

Michael: "Tracii Guns, he does great stuff and he has nothing to do with the whole thing!"

Andy: "He started flipping off about us, I mean… I thought he was a buddy of mine."

Michael: "They're lying, they're saying that we had asked to be their opening band, which is bullshit. But Tracii Guns had nothing to do with me getting signed to Polygram. Jim Lewis was my A&R guy, not Phil Lewis."

Andy: "And mine was totally different guy too. Who didn't even know Nikki Sixx. It was really ridiculous I have to say."

Michael: "I think it was really pathetic. Who would give a shit about MÖTLEY CRÜE if even later on one guy from MÖTLEY CRÜE has a solo band? C'mon, get a life."

Stevie: "I think that was enough about MÖTLEY CRÜE. Let's talk about us now?"

Michael: "Why we should talk about us now?" (laughs)

Andy: "Let's just everyone now." (laughs)

Michael: "Gene Simmons, for example…"

Stevie: "Pavarotti."

Andy: "He's a great businessman but his private life is…"

Michael: "Bullshit, I didn't say that. I said that Gene Simmons was that he's the most conceited, fat, chauvinist pig I've ever encountered. He probably has a small weenie problem because he seems to really need to brag about how many thousands of women he's conquered. And he would probably say, 'Thank you Michael.' "

Read the entire interview at this location.


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