HANK WILLIAMS III's ASSJACK To Release Debut In August

ASSJACK — the death-metal metal band founded and fronted by Hank Williams III — will release their first album of fully authorized music August 4 via Curb Records. Featuring tracks like "Redneck Ride", "Wasting Away" and "No Regrets", the self-titled album personifies the split in the psyche of the singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer who last year released the psych-country album "Damn Right, Rebel Proud". While they're two vastly different sonic experiences, both projects reflect the diverse musical interests of the self-professed "crazy fuck from Tennessee." "Nowadays, there's a whole group of people that love Waylon and David Allen Coe and love PANTERA and SLAYER — there's a whole breed of them out there," says Hank III.

HIII will take both his "DAMN" country band and ASSJACK out on the road beginning June 16 in Louisville, KY, with U.S. dates confirmed through July 15 in Knoxville, TN. For these shows, both the "DAMN" band and ASSJACK will perform 45-minute sets, with a 15-minute changeover in-between.

For the ASSJACK album, Hank III performed, wrote and produced everything you hear. "Playing all the instruments and being involved with it that way helps keep me on my toes," he says from his Nashville home. "One day it would be nice to have the band here in town where we can just jam, but most of my guys aren't around, so I have to work harder." He has also played drums for ARSON ANTHEM and bass in SUPERJOINT RITUAL (featuring former PANTERA singer Phil Anselmo).

For the live shows, Hank III is excited that more people are sticking around for the metal part. His reasoning? "Well, A: they're either drunk and don't want to go home or; B: maybe the fan base is getting younger possibly. We might be getting a few more metalheads with what I've done out there with SUPERJOINT RITUAL and playing in ARSON ANTHEM. That's probably a factor also and maybe they just wanna get their money's worth. Hell, they spent $20 bucks for a ticket, why not see the whole show? It doesn't matter if it's five people or 500, they're going to get the same show, same energy. Nothing will be different, every night when we do it, it's a rollercoaster. We say hello after the show…we try to take care of our fans, because they take care of us."

Never one afraid to go against what people expect of him, Hank III says he's gotten strong — and sometimes violent — responses to his music. "It's pretty surprising how the power of music can piss some people off. Growing up the way I had to, and some of the redneck bars I had to play in, they just think it's complete disrespect to their establishment and to them — you know, I can't make everyone happy and it is what it is. It doesn't matter if it's the redneck that gets upset and thinks I'm pissing Hank Williams off, or the young kid that thinks I'm selling out by playing hard rock, which is totally…if I was selling out, I would be doing what a producer tells me and dressing up all pretty and only be doing country music — that's how to make money. I just stuck with the hard road — that's what makes us different and unique and gives the wide audience range from 14 to 80 out there…cowboys, punks, metalheads, jocks, grandmas and the average everyday person. We bring them all together under the same roof. That's what makes us proud. That's what makes it worth it at the end of the day."

"Assjack" track listing:

01. Tennessee Driver
02. Wasting Away
03. Chokin Gesture
04. Gravel Pit
05. Cut Throat
06. Smoke the Fire
07. Cocaine the White Devil
08. Redneck Ride
09. No Regrets
10. Doin What I Want


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