GWAR Frontman: 'PHILIP ANSELMO Picked The Fight And I'm Just Finishing It'

GWAR frontman Dave Brockie recently spoke to FourteenG about his Oderus Ungurus character, the band's history, and former PANTERA/current SUPERJOINT RITUAL singer Phil Anselmo, among other topics. An excerpt from the interview follows:

FourteenG: Well being a fan of Blabbermouth, I read what you said about Phil Anselmo, please elaborate.

Dave Brockie: "What did I say? I called him a fag…"

FourteenG: [laughs] Junkie motherfucker...

Dave Brockie: "Phil picked the fight and I'm just finishing it. That motherfucker invited us to his show at the House of Blues, we're playin' there the next night. His tour manager comes up to us, he we'd like you all to come to the show. Then onstage he ridicules GWAR, like, 'We don't need no fuckin' costumes to rock.' I'm just like, 'You invite us to your show to ridicule us?' I mean, this is the same guy that's been on our bus, drinkin' our beer before."

FourteenG: How long ago was this?

Dave Brockie: "About two years ago. We know his girlfriend Kate; she's a good friend of ours. So we called Kate, and we said, 'What the fuck is up with Phil badmouthing GWAR?' So she asked him about it and he says [changing voice], 'I didn't say anything about GWAR!' About a week later, I'm doing this interview in Denver and the first thing he asked me was why is Phil Anselmo so not into GWAR? I just talked to him the other day and he spent the whole interview talking shit about you guys! So I let him have it. I mean, he won't be the first to die by the sword, that redneck moron. First of all, no one gives a fuck about PANTERA anymore. Second, he should get his fuckin' racist, redneck, chunky, ass off the fuckin' mic talking shit about bands that are heavy metal fuckin gods. If you're gonna complain about something, why don't you complain about the election, why not complain about the fascist state our country is slipping into, why don't you complain about that fact that you're a junkie? Why do you want to rip GWAR? You sure as fuck don't want to get into any kind of match with me, because I'm going to kick your fuckin' ass! Just ask Corey in SLIPKNOT!

FourteenG: Ooh! Wow.

Dave Brockie: "A little fuel for the fire?"

FourteenG: I'll say!

Dave Brockie: "GWAR don't take no shit. We been doin' this for 18 years with no support from major labels, no support from radio, we built this thing with our bare hands and I'm not gonna let some motherfucker who has been living with a silver spoon in his mouth for God knows how long off his PANTERA royalty checks tear down the most precious thing in my life. I mean, I don't know if he's a fag or anything, I don't care if he's gay! He pissed me off!"

FourteenG: [laughs]

Dave Brockie: "I mean, it seems to me all the people in metal should support each other! Just don't fuck with me or you'll get your ass kicked."

FourteenG: Well should I ask what happened with Corey Taylor?

Dave Brockie: "Oh, that was silly. He was doing a thing on his website and he started ragging on GWAR. I would never let my band get like GWAR, and blah blah, going on and on, totally self-involved, my overalls are too hot. I'm reading his interview is in Rolling Stone and he's sitting here talking about how hot his overalls are. Man, give me a feature in Rolling Stone and I'll talk about something that actually makes sense, that's intelligent and make people go, 'Wow that's interesting.' I'm not going to sit there and complain about how hot it is on stage. You want to feel hot you can crawl into my costume for one show; you'll have a damn brain hemorrhage. I wrote back a retort from Oderus and destroyed him and to this day people have been giving him shit about that comment. On his site he backpedaled madly. [Changing voice] 'I didn't say that, I didn’t mean that!' I hope Phil comes out and retorts, just so I can say, 'Wat the fuck is your problem, man?' Yeah, he got my dander up! Honestly, I don't have anything against Phil. If he wants to give me free publicity, that's fine. I got to go on Blabbermouth and see this shit!"

Read Dave Brockie's entire interview with FourteenG at this location.


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