Guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK) has posted the following update on the progress of BLOTTED SCIENCE, the instrumental extreme metal project also featuring bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE) and drummer Charlie Zeleny (BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS):

"The BLOTTED SCIENCE recordings are coming along great. Alex finished recording all 16 tracks months ago, and as expected did a killer job. Sometimes these recording projects cause huge headaches working with writers/players via the Net, but from day one Alex has been very cool and cooperative, and just great to work with.

"Charlie is plowing through the material like there's an actual deadline (!), and he will most likely get everything recorded by the end of the year. Kinda strange how we waited around for nearly a year and a half for the drums to be recorded, then Charlie comes along, and will get the job done within months. And this is some rather brutal and technically demanding material. Then it's up to me to complete the last few rhythm tracks, write and record melodies/solos, and finish up the production. We have most of the liner notes and graphics done (thanks to Derek Vizzi and Steve Connelly), and just have to fire up a few photos and get the cover done.

"Quite a few fans have asked if BLOTTED SCIENCE will play any shows; we'll have to see what happens once the CD is released. We have a few obstacles to overcome but I think with a bit of working out, it may happen.

"On a more local front, due to the closing of H & H Music (where I have been teaching for the past 15 years), a few fellow instructors and I are opening up a new school/studio on the far northeast side of town. Actually, it's in Universal City/TX, where the majority of our clientele is. It will be called either Universal Music Studios or Randolph Music Studios.

"There has been a bit of movement on the WATCHTOWER front: Doug (Keyser; bassist) recorded a few songs and Jason (McMaster) scratch tracked vocals on a few. We'll be final tracking just a few songs in December.

"I have all of the material transcribed for my first DVD, 'Theoretically Speaking', a total of 94 pages. The focus will be the progressive/technical aspect of writing and playing, with examples and insight for material from both SPASTIC INK CDs, my solo CDs, and the upcoming BLOTTED SCIENCE - "The Machinations Of Dementia" CD. To be covered (excerpts/examples in parentheses) will be:

1. Common simple scales use and abuse - ('Aquanet' verses, 'Melissa's Friend' verses and 2nd solo, 'Multi-Masking' verse fingertap breaks, 'The Mad Dash', 'Battle Of The Hands' )

2. Changing Keys - ('Sick, Dirty, Sick', 'A Morning With Squeakie' 1st solo, 'Frank Can Get Drunk And Eat Beer', 'In Memory Of' chorus and main solo)

3. Simultaneous Major/Minor keys/progressions - ('Just A Little Bit' chorus and solo, 'Taking Notes', 'Minor Else')

4. Floating Parallels - ('A Morning With Squeakie' chase sequence, 'That 178 Thing' middle section and solo), 'Mosquito Brain Surgery' intro, 'Back And Forth')

5. Syncopation - ('Snuff', 'Mosquito Brain Surgery' main theme, various sections from 'ACRONYM', 'Tri, Tri Again', 'Gimme 5')

6. Trade-Offs - ('The Mad Data Race' bridge, 'Suspended On All Fours' breaks, 'Sex With Squeakie' "making squirrely love")

7. Starts / Stops - ('Stop-N-Go', 'The Mad Data Race' verses, 'Erratic Chromatic')

8. The A/B Switch - ('Melodramatic Chromatic', 'ACRONYM' intro)

9. The 12 tone set - ('Suspended On All Fours' themes and solo, 'Two Thirds Of Satan')

10. Modulating 12 tone sets - ('I've Got The Runs', 'I've Got The Runs Again')

11. Multiple 12 tone sets - ('Multi-Masking' solo, 'Words For Nerds' "technician")

12. The Circle Of 12 tones - ('Laser Lobotomy', 'EEG Tracings')

"I still don't know if this all will be on one DVD, or if I'll need two to cover everything.

"I've also started to get ideas for the multimedia solo adventure that I want to tackle once the BLOTTED SCIENCE CD and the DVD(s) are done. I haven't written anything since Alex and I completed the Blotted songs nearly a year ago, and I'm itching to get a few more ideas out.

"Lastly, Teddy Moeller just sent me a copy of the latest LOCH VOSTOK CD, 'Destruction Time Again!', out on Escapi Music, which I did a guest solo on the song 'Talk'. Teddy and the guys did a fabulous job with the CD (and not too bad mixing in my solo!). Thanks, Teddy Bear!!"


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