Guitarist ANDREAS KISSER Doesn't Rule Out Reunion Of SEPULTURA's Classic Lineup

In a brand new interview with Brazil's Novo Metal, guitarist Andreas Kisser of Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA was asked about the possibility of a reunion of the band's classic lineup, featuring Max Cavalera on guitar/vocals and Max's brother, Igor, on drums. "[It's] not impossible," he replied, "but we cannot do something just for the sake of doing it. We would have to establish a new identity, [and rebuild the] friendship [between us]."

He continued, "Max has been talking a lot about this reunion [in recent interviews], perhaps because his other bands, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and SOULFLY, are not as good as SEPULTURA. But if a reunion was to take place, it would have to be something decent. And only time will tell [if something like that can happen]."

Speaking to this past November, Max Cavalera stated about a possible reunion of SEPULTURA's classic lineup, "I've said many times before that I'd like to do it and I don't even need to do it because both of my bands are doing really good — CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and SOULFLY are doing so good that I don't even need a SEPULTURA reunion for my life. But I'd like to do it for the fans because they're asking for it so much. But I think the person that they should ask is mostly Paulo [Xisto Pinto Junior, SEPULTURA bassist], because he's the one that's been telling people that it's not gonna happen. So, I don't know, really. If people want to know, they should ask him. They should ask him straight up, 'Why are you saying it's not gonna happen?' and get an answer from him. Because I can only do so much. I did try already. And, actually, I got my brother convinced to do it — Igor said that he would do it — and I talked to Andreas and Andreas was, actually, like, 'OK, I'll do it. Let's do this reunion.' And then Paulo becomes the problem." He added, " It's kind of ridiculous, actually, 'cause... I mean, in that band right now, there's nobody original. I created that band, I gave the name. I started that band when I was still in school with Igor. Nobody from that time is in that band right now, from when we first started. I don't know... It's kind of weird to have them around carrying the name like it was theirs; they act like it was their band. Really, it's not. That was my and Igor's band in the beginning."

The current lineup of SEPULTURA released a video message last month in which it urged fans not to "listen to fucking rumors anymore." The group added, "We are tired of listening to this fucking bullshit that Max is saying all over the world, that there's gonna be a reunion [of SEPULTURA's classic lineup] and this and that. We're here to say there's no communication, there's no talks about any type of reunion or any show with the Cavaleras. Igor is doing his job, Max is supposed to do his job, and we are doing our job. We are SEPULTURA for 26 years and we celebrating this with a new album, a new deal and a new world tour. And [we] hope this is the end of fucking rumors and fucking lies, OK?!"

SEPULTURA will return to North America for a massive headlining tour in April/May in support of the band's upcoming Nuclear Blast Records debut. Joining them will be a veritable united nations on metal in the form of Austria's BELPHEGOR, Norway's KEEP OF KALESSIN, Poland's HATE, Canada's NEURAXIS, and California's BONDED BY BLOOD. Starting May 23, Seattle's own NEVERMORE will replace BELPHEGOR to finish out the tour.

SEPULTURA has tapped Roy Z. (JUDAS PRIEST, HALFORD, BRUCE DICKINSON, HELLOWEEN) to produce the group's new album, tentatively due in May. The CD will once again be recorded at Trama Studios in São Paulo, Brazil.

Classic SEPULTURA lineup performing "Roots Bloody Roots" at Spain's Dr. Music festival in 1996:


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