GODSMACK Drummer Talks About MÖTLEY CRÜE Tour, Upcoming Studio Album

Away-Team.com recently conducted an interview with GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Away-Team.com: The last time I talked to you was right before Superbowl Sunday and I know you were headed out the next day to Boston for the writing and recording of the new GODSMACK record. What's happened since?

Shannon: Well, basically we're not recording yet. We're still in the writing stages, you know… it's a process. What we do is we write all the music first, and then once we get about 15 songs together, then Sully [Erna, vocals/guitar] will go off with them and write lyrics and after that it's all about picking and choosing the songs that he feels are best suited for melodies vocally and for what we're intending to do. So far, Sully has been working on the melodies and lyrics and so basically, I've been flying back and forth from my home here in Florida to my hotel there in Boston as part of that process, man. I feel that we are definitely going for a more heavy sound this time around. I mean, last time, on [the album] "IV", we kinda went off into a more bluesy sound since Sully was trying to stretch his wings a bit. We were really happy with the way that record came out and how it represented the band, but we really want to get back to the crunchy stuff on this one. It's time to get back to the old-school 'SMACK and do some simple riffs that are really heavy. Plus, Sully is pretty pissed off right now at everything (laughs), you know, all that's going on in the world, so…we have a great starting point for lyrics that's for sure! (laughs) The best stuff we do is when Sully is really pissed off, man! (laughter)

Away-Team.com: How long before we see the new GODSMACK record?

Shannon: We're hoping to get it out in February of 2010! We're looking at hitting the studio in September or October of this year and record it, then give ourselves a month or so to review it and make sure it's perfect. I realize it's been over two years since we did a new record, and we just want to make sure, since it's been so long, that we really deliver the goods this time, you know? That's why we're waiting. That's also another reason why we took the MÖTLEY CRÜE tour this summer. Basically, we want to poke our heads out and say, "Hey, we didn't go anywhere. We're still here!" So, we'll do that tour this summer and play all our best songs to keep everyone knowing that we're still kicking and we didn't break up. It's all part of the process within the recording of the new record.

Away-Team.com: I want to talk about the tour for a minute because there have been some rumors that Tommy Lee wants to be a part of the famous Sully and Shannon drum battle. I know he actually talked about it during a press conference, but what's the skinny? Are you guys going to make it a triple threat for this tour?

Shannon: Two or three weeks ago, I flew out and joined Tommy and MÖTLEY during their show in Manchester, New Hampshire. And of course, we ended up backstage with Tommy and his damn Jäger machine and after a few shots, that's when we started really seriously talking about it. Tommy was like, "Yeah, let's do this thing," so as far as I'm concerned, it's a very real thing that probably will happen. Sully and I have already started making a third part for the solo, so it's all on Tommy now. If he wants to really be a part of it, we're prepared. We'll put Tommy up there on a third drum kit, for sure! I can't speak for him, I mean I was backstage doing shots of Jäger with the guy and he seemed pretty serious. For what it's worth, I do think it will happen… God, I hope it happens, you know? I love the guy, I respect the guy and all he's done for the art of drumming…and also, he's one hell of a nice guy. He's like a big kid! His energy is just insane. Tommy is just one of those guys that bounces off the walls with more energy than anyone I know. So, if he just comes up and does the solo for only one or two shows…I'd consider it a huge honor to have him up there. It'll be a show-stopper, that's for sure!

Away-Team.com: I think the tour is a great touch anyway because not only do you have the GODSMACK fans, from a different generation, out in the audience enjoying their favorite band. You've got the old-school MÖTLEY CRÜE fans out there getting a dose of GODSMACK too. It's a perfect marriage. Those guys literally cover three generations of music and have fans in all three areas of that coverage! This is going to be a killer tour.

Shannon: For us, it's like playing with legends! I mean, I was that 15-year old kid who went out and bought the "Too Fast For Love" album when it was still on Leathur Records, before it was on a major label! So, maybe there's a 15-year old kid who will be in the audience as a GODSMACK fan, who just didn't get to hear MÖTLEY CRÜE growing up because of what was invading them on the radio, and they'll be like I was and just immediately become a fan. It's a scratch-your-back kinda thing for all of us. It could win us some new fans, win them some new fans…it's really a great situation to be in to tour with them.

Read the entire interview from Away-Team.com.


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