GAMMACIDE Guitarist Doesn't Rule Out New Studio Album recently conducted an in-depth interview with guitarist Rick Perry of the reunited Texas thrashers GAMMACIDE. Several excerpts follow: At this point, do you have plans to record any new material?

Rick: "We didn't really reunite as a full-time band. A few years ago, I put the website up basically because I wanted to learn how to run Microsoft Frontpage. I put up the website and all of a sudden, it's like 1987 all over again. I was getting e-mails from Poland, Italy, Chile… everywhere. These people were into GAMMACIDE and it kinda got me fired up. People were e-mailing me about 'Victims of Science', asking me how they could get it. …I had the original master tapes and thought it would be a cool thing to do, ya know?" What are your current touring plans?

Rick: "[Later in the] year, we're probably going to do a Texas tour with ROTTING CORPSE. RIGOR MORTIS is going to be doing some touring and we may jump on a few of those dates…probably just a few dates in Texas like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston…places like that. We never really toured that much back in the day. We toured throughout Texas many times. Texas is a big state and it covers a lot of ground. It takes twelve hours to get from one end to the other, so there's a lot of separate little scenes in Texas. We also went into New Orleans, Oklahoma…one time we went out to the West Coast and played in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but we never really got that far north. I'd like to go up there and play, but I'm thinkin' there be just a handful of people that would even know about us, ya know?" Maybe you could land an opening slot on a tour with another old-school act like EXODUS

Rick: "Yeah, but we've all got day jobs and families now. Back in the day, that was our goal…we wanted to do that. Back in the '80s, I lived, breathed, ate and slept thrash metal. I was totally into it twenty four hours a day. My day would consist of writing letters, going of flyer missions or practicing… Now, I've got other commitments. I'd like to play some shows, but we probably won't be able to tour too much." Would you reconsider if you were approached by a major label?

Rick: "We might try to do a new record…" I think you should…

Rick: "It's possible (laughs). I think the two new songs we did kinda showed us that we can still grind out thrash metal. I like 'Against The Grain' a lot. I think it could fit in with any of the old stuff. 'Vapor Lock' is a slower tune… Both of 'em were written back in '92, so it's not like they were recently written. They were written before we broke up and we never got a chance to record them. We actually have four or five songs written that were never recorded. I guess we'd almost be done with half an album already." I would imagine you could probably write the rest of the necessary material within a few months.

Rick: "It used to take us a quite a while to write our songs. …We used to work on them too much, ya know what I mean? We'd have riffs connecting to riffs connecting to riffs, but that's just the way we did it back then. Our whole thing was just based on balls out intensity. 'Victims of Science' is pretty much just pedal to the metal from the first beat to the last. There's not acoustic intros, no mellow moments. It's just full bore all the time. If we did a new GAMMACIDE album now, I can't say that it would all be like that. I might show a little bit more restraint. I think we'd have to have some of that, though because that's what people would expect."

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