FOZZY: New Album Update

FOZZY webmaster Eddie DiBergi has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Hey everyone. Eddie here. Just wanted to give you a quick update on the new FOZZY album 'All That Remains'.

"The preproduction was completed mid-February at [guitarist] Rich [Ward]'s home studio. The actual recording started with the drums on February 26th at the amazing Tree Studios in Atlanta, GA with producer Rick Beato at the helm. Frank (aka Bud) did amazing drum work as always over the next several days. Being a drummer myself for over 20 years I can honestly say that he is one of the most solid players I've had the pleasure to watch perform. You'll see what I mean on the DVD.

"Sean Delson was next up laying down the bass a week or two later. Again, another mind-blowing musician who has become an integral member of the band. And although Rich and Frank have known and worked with Sean for many years in the Atlanta music scene, it's like he's been a part of FOZZY since the beginning.

"The bulk of all FOZZY albums has always been the many layers of guitars - rhythm and harmonies - laid down by Rich to achieve that unmistakable sound. Needless to say, at $100+ per hour or more this can add up quickly in the studio. Well, thankfully recording technology has finally come to the point where this laborious process can be done independently of the studio and then brought back in easily and reliably.

"Rich spent just under 30, full 12 hour plus days tracking the guitars on his portable Pro Tools rig at his studio just outside of Atlanta. Producer Rick Beato got everything set up appropriately from a technical standpoint (e.g. high-end mic pre's, mic locations, etc.) and then Rich dug into laying down the guitarwork. And work it was!

"I can tell you, once again, that this album is going to be the band's debut album. No gimmicks, no covers, no bullshit - just solid heavy metal with its foundation in the classics but by no means simply old-school. Will people bitch about something? Of course. Give five people $1000 and one of them will complain that they want more. But the bottom line is that whether you love the end result, you hate it or you just don't care it will be 100% FOZZY and 100% original. Rich is very pleased with the results so far and feels that it's some of his best, and heaviest, work ever. So if you're down with that then you should be in for a pleasant surprise.

"Chris [Jericho] begins his first day of vocal recording today and is in the studio as I type this (Tuesday, April 13th). He's scheduled to track vocals today and tomorrow and then be back in the studio in a week or so to keep working. He's very excited about the album and the momentum the band has been building with all of the live shows this Spring. Last night's show in Chicago was a blast and everyone is looking forward to the several shows around the country and in Canada over the next few weeks.

"I've been working very closely with the band on 'All That Remains', the next DVD and the revamped web site. The cover for the new album has been finalized and maybe we'll unveil it here in the near future.

"Thanks to everyone here at the site and to the thousands of people who have come out to see FOZZY live so far this year. The best is yet to come!"


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