Former VIXEN Bassist Hosting Financial News Show; Video Available

Former VIXEN bassist and co-founder of Rock n Roll TV video podcast Share Pederson, who now goes by the name Share Ross (after marrying Bam of DOGS D'AMOUR), is apparently hosting new financial news show called "Rock n Markets with Share Ross". A two-minute sample of the program can be viewed below.

Share Ross was recently interviewed by the Glitzine web site. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Glitzine: 2004 saw VIXEN get the "Bands Reunited" treatment on the hit VH1 show. How did you feel about the show at the time and have your thoughts changed in the years that have followed?

Share: I think it was great closure. It was really great to play those songs at this point in my life. I mean... I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin now and somehow that has made me truly appreciate the brilliant ride that VIXEN was. We were very fortunate to play and record and tour the globe. Wow. What a great time we had!!! Plus seeing Janet and Roxy and Jan all at once ... it really brought back wonderful memories.

Glitzine: How did you become involved with the "supergroup" CONTRABAND that featured Tracii Guns, Bobby Blotzer, Richard Black and Michael Schenker?

Share: The lie: We were all best pals from hangin' out in Hollywood bands and decided to record an album together. The truth: We all shared a manager who wanted to launch his own record label with a "supergroup" comprised of one member from each band he managed. Yeah, the truth hurts, don't it?

Glitzine: How was the entire CONTRABAND experience because, let's face it, there were at least a couple of notoriously "difficult" band members and Michael Schenker is, to be honest, an insaniac?!?

Share: The experience itself was alright for me. I got along fine with everyone. In fact, I became quite good friends with Michael at that time. He and I had many long talks and jammed a lot off the record. It is a great memory for me. Getting to record cool songs with no responsibility? Yeah. That's always fun!

Glitzine: How did you meet the living legend that is Bam from the DOGS D'AMOUR and has it been a stroll taming this one-time Wildheart?

Share: Ahhh... now you are getting to the heart of the matter. We met because I had a boyfriend who was friends with him. In the early '90s we all formed a band; me, Bam, my boyfriend, Jo (Almeida), Robert Stoddard and even Janet Gardner from VIXEN would sit in a lot. We played covers from our fave bands and every gig became progressively drunker! Ha! As for taming Bam? Naw... I haven't tamed him. He has just found his own happiness through writing music and being able to express himself now. I think it's a path we all seek.

Glitzine: You and Bam formed BUBBLE. Was this band purely you guys playing music that you loved?

Share: It was just so we could get our rocks off at the time. We never intended for BUBBLE to be a full-time band. Funny how that worked out.

Glitzine: When the DOGS D'AMOUR reformed in 2000, you replaced the unavailable Steve James on bass duties, recording the album "Happy Ever After". How did you feel about stepping into those well-worn cowboy boots?

Share: Nervous would be an understatement. I was a FAN of the DOGS D'AMOUR so playing with them was really cool. It's weird in the sense that I'm married to Bam and I'm best friends with Jo ... but playing with them in the band they've had together for so many years was totally different. Suddenly, I was an outsider and it was immediately obvious that they knew how to read each other's minds musically. They gave me some surprises here and there and when all is said and done, I hope that DOGS fans like that album. I'm proud of it.

Read the entire interview from Glitzine.

(Thanks: Suze Powell)


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