Former RATT Frontman STEPHEN PEARCY: 'It Is All About Rock And Roll'

Debby Rao of KNAC.COM recently conducted an interview with former RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

KNAC.COM: Now did you approach RATT about a reunion on RATT's 20th anniversary in 2004?

Pearcy: "I actually did. That frivolous lawsuit was amicably resolved. I got together with the original bass player. I am like, 'Ya know it is a good opportunity, it is an anniversary.' This happened two years ago. I guess they are quite comfortable in their situation. I am in a small business, and I'm way involved with my label now. I've been there, done that, and I still appreciate it, and I still enjoy getting out there, but there is bigger fish to fry in the industry. I like the industry, what is left of it. Top Fuel Entertainment [Pearcy's company] have songs for movies, songs for commercials, so we are busy. It is all about rock and roll. 99 percent of it is."

KNAC.COM: I think that is why you have survived in the business. You have that business savvy. In my opinion, you have that distinct vocal that really no one can copy.

Pearcy: "I appreciate that. I did create the monster. Rest in peace, Robbin Crosby was my right-hand man in the beginning of all that. We pulled those other guys in. It so happened through Robbin's demise and my intense business manner some things just don't go down properly. We made the effort, we made the proposal, and [Warren] DeMartini and [Bobby] Blotzer shot it down and decided it is better to have and be comfortable in what they are in. They tour, that is great. I don't foresee another RATT record. I think we pretty much seen that close. In all do respect, it is all music."

KNAC.COM: Yeah, It is all good. I was so sad to hear of Robbin Crosby's passing. Were you on good terms with Robbin right up to his death?

Pearcy: "Of course, we just finished 'Behind the Music' VH1 [special], and it is supposed to air this April. I am glad it is coming out because a lot of people are confused, [they] never knew the history of RATT. We were fortunate enough to sell out arenas. We had the big shows, the big money, the big everything. The platinum debauchery card. It is when you get into something like that you never know when it is going to end. I have been prepared for it with my label. Some of those guys out there are alittle more extreme. Robbin was metal all the way, he was into it, that is where it went, ya know."

KNAC.COM: Stephen, you have been in so many great tours in your career. What was your favorite tour? Was it when you toured with OZZY?

Pearcy: "Ya know what? You hit it right in the head. We almost had something going with MÖTLEY, because we never really did big shows together, but we did have the opportunity to do a couple of Beacon Theaters, one was on my birthday, and this other festival. The tour with OZZY, most definitely, after he pulled MÖTLEY up in the ranks, we were next in line. He took us out, on the European tour, Canadian Tour, U.S. tour. It was fuckin' nuts, man. That is why the [the book] will have plenty of stories. It is not just about the debauchery of rock and roll. It is about the rise and fall of the mighty RATT band, ya know?! I created it, and there is so much in there from mutiny. It is an interesting tale, so to speak."

Read the entire interview at KNAC.COM.


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