Former GUNS N' ROSES Drummer Talks About ADLER'S APPETITE

ADLER'S APPETITE members Steven Adler (drums, ex-GUNS N' ROSES) and Keri Kelli (guitar, VINCE NEIL, ex-SLASH'S SNAKEPIT recently spoke to about their new EP and their upcoming tour, among other topics. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

On HANOI ROCKS guitarist Andy McCoy:

Steven Adler: "His wife — if she's still his wife — used to be Izzy's [Stradlin, ex-GUNS N' ROSES] girlfriend back in the day. She's the biggest cunt, slut, whore, loser, piece of shit I've ever met in my life! After they let me go from GN'R, Andy was living up the street from me. We started writing together. He would come down and I would say, 'Do not bring that goofy wife of yours!' I'd be in the front yard and I'd see him up the hill and I'd flip him off because he was bringing her. One afternoon we were playing and I had a locked gate. The wife and Erin Everly come over. Axl and Erin had got in a fight. That's what really did it. This girl gave her valium and some other stuff and kept telling me to give her heroin. There is now way in hell I would ever do anything to Erin, even sexually. The closest we ever got was eating sushi in Studio City once. Three guys came in with shotguns and robbed the place while we were there. They took everybody's shit but ours! I've always been a big fan on Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy. Michael got to play on the 'Use Your Illusion' stuff. Me, Slash, and Duff wrote the music. I only got to play on 'Civil War'. We're doing that one live, too." What was it like working on your first original material in 13 years?

Steven Adler: "I was scared to death. I didn't know what to expect. I haven't written a song in over a decade. Working with Robbie Crane [bass, ex-VINCE NEIL, RATT] and Keri Kelli is such a dream. Those 13 years didn't hurt... it was like I just picked right back up where I left off. It was so easy... It's so fuckin' easy! I was a little worried about Jizzy [Pearl, vocals, RATT, ex-LOVE/HATE]. He brought the lyrics in for the record and I'm glad he was never hugely successful in the past. He's fuckin' hungry! You can hear it in his words. We played those songs for the first time in Colorado and Utah. We would play GN'R songs and everybody knew 'em. We'd play 'Hollywood' from THIN LIZZY and they'd be jumping up and down, screaming. We'd play a song they didn't know and they'd just stand there. It's so nice to see people consistently get into it even with the new songs. We played this bar in Aspen. Two girls in the front row took their tops off! This was a bar! At a stadium you expect things like that. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. People were getting into it. When we played 'Welcome to the Jungle' people started moshing around. I couldn't think of better people to be playing with. It was very easy writing the new songs." Is ADLER'S APPETITE top priority for all the members? You all have ties to other bands and I'm just wondering what will happen if another band has something come up.

Keri Kelli: "Vince just got married and I flew in for that. He's got this MÖTLEY [CRÜE] thing going which is on for at least a year. They're saying it's gonna be one to two years. He was talking about doing things after the MÖTLEY tour is done just this past Sunday. You never know what's going to happen. As far as my status, I'm here with Adler. As far as RATT goes, I know that they're trying to do some kind of summer tour. I don't know if they've come to any kind of agreements with Jizzy and Robbie. From what I've been told it didn't look good on Robbie's and Jizzy's end. I think that we'll be OK to continue ADLER'S APPETITE in the summer. That's what I know right now. I heard that RATT's been talking to Pearcy [Stephen, original RATT singer] the last two or three weeks trying to get that thing sorted out."

Read Steven and Keri's entire interview with at this location.


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