Former CRO-MAGS Members Trade Verbal Jabs Over Upcoming Book

Former CRO-MAGS members Harley Flanagan (bass, vocals) and John Joseph (vocals) have traded verbal jabs over Joseph's upcoming autobiography of sorts, dubbed "The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon", which promises to tell "the true CRO-MAGS story," according to John, as well as show "what New York City was like through the eyes of someone who went through its orphanage, foster care and group home system, then hit the streets at 14, surviving alone when N.Y. was the most violent city in the nation."

In a late August posting on his MySpace page, Flanagan had the following to say about the upcoming book: "I see I've been quoted by John 'Bloodclot' on the cover of [his] new book?? Hahahha. Saying 'As much as I hate the motherfucker, John at least he finaly had the balls to tell the real story of the CRO-MAGS.' Which is funny, since I have never seen it or read it, and I already know he's been full of shit for the past 20-something-plus years, but I will forgive whatever shit-talking he does in advance because to me there is no point in hating someone who has spent their whole life being full of shit and full of himself. But there was a time we where friends and he was a funny guy, even though full of shit. We had a lot of good times back in the day. But all I can say is he spent 20 years telling people he was a 'Navy SEAL' and we all know that isn't true by now, and with all the lies I've heard him tell about me and everything else, so how much of this book do you really expect to be true or accurate???? But besides talking shit and stirring up old beefs, I'm sure it will at the very least be sort of entertaining. Just rememeber: everything you you read in a book is not always true. Hahahahah."

Responding to Flanagan's comments, Joseph wrote the following in his Oct. 23, 2006 blog: "As some of you may know by logging on to the CRO-MAGS site Harley has up or any of his MySpace pages where he talks about himself constantly there's been a lot written lately about the authenticity of what's contained in my book. EVEN THOUGH HE HASN'T READ IT. He tries to make me look like a liar about everything, like claiming I was a SEAL for 20 years (which I've said in interviews, many of which I have, and to people all along, is that I didnt make it through the training), or he never ratted me out to the cops and try to put me in prison for a long time, never ripped off the band on many occasions and so much other shit.

"Well, it's funny now that the book is being released all this is getting written and I guess it's an attempt to discredit me which would in turn discredit the book. The fact is the book is dealing with a lot more than the CRO-MAGS; that's just part of it — a crucial part of it — but nontheless not the whole story. The story is a positive, universal story, not a story about some idiots' band beef.

"Unlike him, who posts shit daily slagging ex-bandmembers in one breath, then in the next asking us to play shows or fight him, talking shit we all know he cant back up no matter how much Gracie Ju Jitsu merchandise he wears, I let the art and my actions with others do the talking. I did, however, have to tell the REAL story, as Harley also posts in his version of the CRO-MAGS and says 'What many of you don't know is John contributed very little lyrically to the first album.' 'We Gotta Know', 'Malfunction', 'Face the Facts', 'By Myself', 'Show You No Mercy', 'Do Unto Others', 'Seekers of the Truth', 'It's the Limit', 'Signs of the Times' WERE ALL 100% WRITTEN BY ME ALONE. I also wrote parts of 'Hard Times', 'Life of My Own' and 'Survival of the Streets'.

"Anyway, the funny shit is he said not everything people write is truth. Well, you guys will see that that is THE TRUTH when the book drops because Harley's version is definitely not the true CRO-MAGS story and I GOT PROOF on that. This book tells the story start to finish. So you judge for yourself.

"There's a reason there was no original line-up tour this year, and Harley's the reason, NOT US. But don't take my word on it, talk to everyone else who was an original member... we were all sick of his ego, trash-talking and stealing. It ain't no fun to have to look over your shoulder for the next Big Take Over of cash or knife in your back (maybe he should read the lyrics he DID write on 'Don't Tread on Me', [you] know, about getting stabbed in the back from someone you trusted).

"I don't sling mud but it's gotten to the point where so much shit is being FALSELY written I had to respond. I stay positive thru it all and in no way let negativity ruin even a second of my day.

"See you guys out in Europe in November with FVK [FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS]. Also the BLOODCLOT record will be out early '07."


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