FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Bassist Apologizes For Making Band Feud Public

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist Jason Ward has responded to fans' criticism that the group's internal feud should have remained private and been dealt with away from the public eye. After being involved in a very public war of words (via the band's official message board) with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM's lead singer, Eric A.K., over the group's future, Ward has issued the following statement:

"My apologies to all who have read this crap that should have been discussed face to face. Maybe that will happen in the next week or so and all of this will be water under the bridge.

"As a band, we have dealt with over 15 years of good times and bad. Pretending we have never had a ill word to say about one another would be impossible for anyone to believe.

"I think we will get through all of this, and if we don't, we don't. I know all of us love making music and if things had been different in the past who knows...

"It has been tough at times to be in this band, for all of us. But no matter what has gone on, we have always appreciated the support our listeners have shown.

"One thing is for sure, no one can say we have not been passionate about our music, even if as band memebers we have not seen eye to eye.

"Through it all, though, I will always love my brothers in FLOTSAM, even when they act like jackasses (and yes, I have as well … more than once or twice).

"I can tell you one thing... THE NEW ALBUM STILL KICKS ASS! Even if we are barking at each other.

"Maybe this is just blowing off some steam for us. It gets harder and harder to keep making great music without getting on each other's nerves, that's all. This ain't the 'Dr. Phil' show, this is ####in metal.

"What we are going through is nothing new and has happend to every band that has played music in this biz. Shit, METALLICA figured out a way to make money off it by putting it on the silver screen. If only we had the budget we could afford more than just a few stupid posts on our website! Maybe we can do a slide show?? Nah.

"A.K., just remember that you have a great band and the ability to do whatever you want. Just try to think a little more about your commrades and be thankful for what you have. After all my b###hing, I am trying to do that, too. You make your own reality, A.K., so make it a good one."

Meanwhile, A.K. has offered his own two cents on the matter, stating in an online posting, "Do you people mind? Can Jason and I fight, bicker, and #### a little on our own web site without you knuckleheads coming down on us? If we do this in person, we end up breaking things. This is much safer. Hasn't anyone here heard two brothers fight? Well, there's five of us, and we cat fight like b###hes. Pull hair, pinch, and fling make-up... Just ignore us and check out the new album. And if you think we suck, don't listen and stay off our web site."


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