FILTER Frontman: 'I Take My Music Very Seriously'

Pat Douglas of the Great Falls Tribune recently conducted an interview with FILTER frontman Richard Patrick. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

On FILTER's new album, "Anthems for the Damned":

" 'Anthems for the Damned' is my howl in the night and it's my scream in the night that just says I really hope we don't blow ourselves up or ruin the planet. I can't do 'baby, I love you,' (songs) and I can't do 'bling, bling, bling, look at my money.' I can't do it. I can't be that guy."

On the album's first single, "Soldiers of Misfortune", which was inspired by a FILTER fan from Oregon named Justin Eyerly who was killed in Iraq after only 10 days of service:

"I was writing this kid a letter and it was like '(I'm) writing a song that was kind of about the stuff that you're talking about in your life.' He was killed before I could send him that letter. That's one of the things that was inspiring me at the time that I wrote 'Soldiers'. "

On the fact that he doesn't take the FILTER name lightly nor does he take the opportunity to record a FILTER album for granted:

"There's a certain group of people that love FILTER and I'm so totally honored and blessed that I have an opportunity to do this, knowing full well that this could be my last record and saying what I wanna say.

"I have total artistic control over every single thing that goes on in my world and being five years sober ... I really am super proud of the way that I'm doing it."

On collaborating with veteran musicians John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON), Wes Borland (BLACK LIGHT BURNS) and drummer Josh Freese (PERFECT CIRCLE, NIN):

"John 5 is someone I've known for years. Out of curiosity, I called him up and said 'do you feel like writing for FILTER?' He and I kind of put together a couple of songs that he wrote. It sounded amazing. Josh Freese came in (and) he'd run in and play three or four songs and then go 'OK, later. I've gotta go to soccer practice with my kids.' "

"It was an easy record to make 'cause everyone was bringing it. We didn't have to slave away doing stuff for months on end. We would just go in and get 'er done."

On seeing the new album as a way of pointing out injustices and helping those who have suffered through the same problems as he has:

"I have a five-week-old daughter. When she's 10, I want her to know that her old man said something. I take my music very seriously. It's not a joke. I wanna say something. My idols are Bono and THE DOORS ... they brought it during their time and I just have to do it."

"That's what this record is about. It's a pessimistic view of where we're at now but a slightly optimistic view of where we could be if we got over ourselves. Get over yourself and build something beautiful."


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