ENTOMBED Will Record New Music Soon, Says ALEX HELLID

ENTOMBED Will Record New Music Soon, Says ALEX HELLID

Original ENTOMBED members Alex Hellid (guitar), Uffe Cederlund (guitar) and Nicke Andersson (drums) are planning to record some of their newly composed material for release in the coming months.

ENTOMBED has been virtually inactive since it played its groundbreaking 1991 album, "Clandestine", in its entirety at Malmö Live in Malmö, Sweden on November 12, 2016. Sitting in first with conductor Josef Rhedin and the hundred-plus-member Malmö Symphony Orchestra for Thomas Von Wachenfeldt's arrangement of "Clandestine", the band performed "Clandestine" from front to back for the very first time.

Joining Hellid, Cederlund and Andersson in the group's latest incarnation are Robert Andersson (vocals) and Nicke's half brother Edvin Aftonfalk (bass), both formerly of the Swedish death metal band MORBUS CHRON.

Asked in a brand new interview with That Drummer Guy if there are any plans for ENTOMBED to record and release new music, Hellid said (hear audio below): "We are, and have been since we started working together again, working on new stuff, just trying to find some time to record it. And, actually, we were talking about recording last year, but then Nicke moved house, and with that, he had to dismantle his studio. So now, he's ready to go again. I actually spoke to him earlier this week, and he's, like, 'Yeah, I'm good to go.' So the plan is to start recording stuff that we have [written] already and see if we can maybe put stuff out — not wait around and do four weeks in a row, 'cause that's harder to come by these days. So we'll actually go back to sort of what you do in the beginning of a band, which I find interesting, to just… Okay, do a session here and record one, two, three songs and finish them, and then maybe even put them out. So we'll see. And then maybe put an album together at the end of a couple of sessions, but not delay releasing new music just because we haven't finished 12 songs. So I think the best thing for us to do would be to just not worry too much about finishing an album but just getting in there and doing what we did back in the beginning — just record the songs that we have, go to the next couple of songs. Yeah, pretty much what we did on the first album. That's actually what I think will happen. 'Cause back then we did three or four demos, I think, and then we did the album. And we released the demos, obviously, and some of the demos we re-recorded, of course, for the album. So without having it planned out in stone, roughly that's what I see as a possibility to be able to do this, and I think it's the right way to do it as well. So, we're excited."

According to Alex, between him, Nicke and Uffe, there is no shortage of ideas for new ENTOMBED material. "I always get happy when both Nicke and Uffe are fired up about something," he said. "That usually means good things happen. Non-planned as well. You go in with a plan, and you do that, but then usually something else happens also on top that's kind of the icing on the cake. A lot of songs, in the past, have come from those things. A song like… The one that comes to mind now is 'Wolverine Blues' — I don't think we had that song before we went into the studio and I think it was sort of done in the studio in between recording other drum takes. So it's cool. And I saw that when we started rehearsing for the [comeback] shows. I saw that straight away — both Nicke and Uffe started getting back into this ENTOMBED mode where they get ideas flowing. So I'm excited about that."

The new lineup of ENTOMBED made its live debut on the Close-Up Båten cruise on October 27, 2016.

A recording of the Malmö concert, "Clandestine - Live" will be released on CD, CD bundle with exclusive t-shirt and 2LP 180-gram deluxe vinyl including a poster on Threeman Recordings on May 17. Pre-order here.

In the first act, the full Malmö Symphony Orchestra and a choir performed "Clandestine", arranged for orchestra by Thomas Von Wachenfeldt, with the original members from ENTOMBED sitting in as part of the ensemble and with Orvar Säfström on vocals. In the second act, the band for the very first time played the entire album live in the original version with the addition of Edvin Aftonfalk on bass guitar and Robert Andersson on lead vocals.

The ENTOMBED band that performed at Malmö Live is not to be confused with ENTOMBED A.D., which features vocalist Lars Göran Petrov alongside Olle Dahlstedt (drums), Nico Elgstrand (guitar) and Guilherme Miranda (guitar).

Hellid and Petrov have been embroiled in a legal battle over the ENTOMBED name for several years.


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