EDGUY Singer Talks About Upcoming DVD, Studio Album

EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet recently answered several questions for the group's official web site regarding the band's recent tour, the upcoming DVD and the group's next studio album. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Q: The fans have been asking so here it goes — will there be an EDGUY DVD sometime soon?

Tobias Sammet: "Yes, someday we'll release something for sure. But we've always said, that whatever we do, we only do it if we are really convinced about it and if we can do it with 120% of our power. Otherwise we don't do it or wait until the right moment has come. But it's already confirmed that we're gonna film a couple of shows in South America in autumn, the fans there are amazing and besides that 'Hellfire Club' is the best-selling Nuclear Blast release in Brazil. Brazil rules! So it's a good chance to show the rest of the world, that Brazil doesn't only have a lot of outstanding football players, but the greatest metalheads you can imagine as well. And furthermore my friend André Matos of SHAMAN is from Brazil as well, once I ruined their DVD with my terrible screaming, now he can maybe take revenge for that, haha. Brazilians and South Americans are so loyal and crazy in general, you really have to capture that on a DVD, and if only for our grand children one day. I love that part of the earth! By the way, we'll fly the whole show and stage set up over to Brazil. I know, everybody says we are crazy, because usually only the huge rock giants do that, but we'll take the risk. So, if anybody from Brazil reads that: You better come and check that event out, cause maybe we are bankrupt after that tour and split up, haha."

Q: So when is the DVD coming out?

Tobias Sammet: "We'll do baby steps, step by step! We don't know, we just film it and see. You know, I really think that we are in a creative high at the moment and maybe it would be better to go on with working on a new album first. It would be easy to make some extra money in putting out the DVD as soon as possible. But we'll see. Maybe we gather even more stuff and it's gonna be a real huge DVD box. We got hours of live material even from our early days in 1992. Even high-end material, shot with five cameras. It's amazing. But no matter how much I'd love to put out a DVD, first of all it has to be something special and second of all: A new album is more important. We just did a live album, I wanna enter the studio as soon as possible after the tour, to capture the magic and show people that the triumphant march has just begun. Jesus, I almost sound like our beloved MANOWAR Joey. Fuck the world, hail and kill! Haha. "

Q: So, have you begun working on new material yet?

Tobias Sammet: "We are currently working on that. Of course it will be the best album in music history and the present working title is 'Maserati Madness'. Anyway, the first material sounds much more epic, serious and less stupid than what the working title makes you conclude, and I really don't think that that we would seriously pick such a stupid title. Maybe we'd rather call it 'Opel Sanity' or something like that, haha. I am totally happy how good the first ideas sound. But it's gonna take a little until we can prove that, cause prior to the recording we wanna finish the 'Hellfire' Tour first. Rumors say that there are a few countries we haven't been on that tour yet. Well, maybe 'few' doesn't really hit the point. Must be around 130 I guess. So ladies and gentlemen: We kindly ask for your patience!"

Q: So are more details you can give, when is the release date?

Tobias Sammet: "When? I don't know. Until it sounds great! And what can we expect? Well, I think a traditional Bombastic-Metal album with an up-to-date production. Fast songs, ballads, and of course a lot of bombastic mid tempo groovers. At the moment I really love stuff like 'Tears Of A Mandrake', 'Vain Glory Opera', 'Avantasia' or 'The Piper Never Dies'. Bombastic, up-to-date sound, not too modern, not too old-fashioned. Of course I like fast shit too, 'Reach Out For The Light' or 'Mysteria', for example.

"Let's see. It has to be great; melodic, bombastic, anthem like and most important: Positive. There is nothing that I hate more than music which makes the listener feel that the world sucks. I tell you what sucks: Satan sucks! And depressions suck! Drug abuse sucks! And you know what sucks most: When I pay 30 Euro for a concert on the weekend to relax from my daily stress; and then have a guy on stage — that looks like he just got out of bed — who tells me, life is shit and that he'd rather be dead instead of entertaining us. But he took my money to entertain me. That was what I hated in Grunge music and that's what I hate in many of those modern 'Baby join me in death' bands. Keep that depressing shit to yourself. Nothing wrong to me having good portion of melancholy or heartache in a ballad for example is okay, but I really prefer guys in yellow stretch overalls making a triple breakneck leap on stage than those pale depressives. This is just my humble opinion, but you asked for it. Ahm, thinking about it, you actually didn't ask for that in particular. Well, you got my opinion anyway, haha."

Read the rest of the question-and-answer session at this location.


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