Frontman Voldamares of the Canadian epic black metal band ECLIPSE ETERNAL has issued the following update:

"ECLIPSE ETERNAL is currently in writing mode. We have five songs written and are working on another two. Current songtitles are: 'Deathbound', 'The Essence Of Hopelessness', 'Ancient Voices On The Wind', 'Death Obsession' and 'Ode To A Time Long Gone'. We are looking to go into the studio sometime in early fall to record our next as-yet-untitled LP.

"To give an idea of what our new material will sound like, we will be preforming one song at each of the upcoming shows (with MAYHEM on June 14 at the Opera House in Toronto and with ABSU on June 18 at the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto) and we will be performing all five new songs at a special show on July 11 at the Annex Wreckroom. This July 11 show will also feature a performance where we will have a guest guitarist play two songs with us and possibly have a guest join in on vocals for one older song.

"For those not able to make it to these shows, I will say that our new album takes what we thought was our best moments in 'Ubermensch...' and added some new dimensions to them.

"These new dimensions come from a few things:

* Lord Abaddon has in recent months gained a huge appreciation for WINDIR, DISSECTION and V:28 and these influences can definately be felt in the music he writes.

* Orcus has stepped up and increased his contributions to the writing of the new songs and his added influences will definitely be felt thoughout.

"I have decided that life is shit and useless and that people in general deserve nothing but scorn and a slow and horrible death. My 'hope' that some people can rise above the shit and become something more has proven to be ideals to high for the disgusting shit we call humanity to understand. I have opened my eyes and seen the pathetic weakness that we are made of and this has become the focus of the new albums lyrics."

ECLIPSE ETERNAL's "The Dragon Has Come to Blot out the Stars" video can be viewed below. According to the group, the clip was shot during October/November 2007 by Dark Frame Pictures with director Adrian Kent and "was financed by the band and by Dark Frame Pictures exclusively (and it was not cheap, as you can tell!). It was shot in 10+ locations over 4 full 6AM-to-4AM shoots in the fucking cold north. It required us to have our ex-bassist fall in a freezing lake and me then go in and pull her out, surround ourselves with a burning ring of fire (and almost burn along with it), walk back and forth through two feet of snow for six hours straight, have our drummer be blind for five-hour intervals, work with a child and lot of other fun stuff. Luckily for us, we had a great production crew and director making sure no one died or killed on another."

"The Dragon Has Come to Blot out the Stars" comes off ECLIPSE ETERNAL's most recent album, "Ubermensch: Evolution beyond the Species", which was mixed in Sweden by Fredrik Nordström (DIMMU BORGIR, ZYKLON, OLD MAN'S CHILD). The CD is available now through The End Records distribution.


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