DEE SNIDER's Final Radio Broadcast: The Report has issued the following report on TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider's final broadcast as the weeknight DJ job on the Philadelphia radio station WMMR:

"Citing personal reasons, Dee Snider retired from his weeknight DJ job at WMMR in Philadelphia.

"Dee took over the 7-to-midnight show about nine months ago here in Philadelphia, injecting his one-of-a-kind personality to the slot. It has always been cool to turn on the radio while driving home from work and hearing some cool ass metal and Dee's comments on anything and everything. Unfortunately, Dee did not pick the set lists for Dee Snider Radio, so it was not uncommon to hear bands like OASIS thrown into the mix of mostly hard rock and metal.

"The TWISTED SISTER frontman says his family life has been 'strained' since he started broadcasting the show on 'MMR from his Long Island home last August. I'll be sorry to see him go, he will be missed. But, I can understand that family comes first, so good luck, Dee.

"His last show, broadcast on Friday, June 17, was an emotional one. Throughout the night he took calls from listeners all wishing him good luck and farewell.

"'Well, my friends, it's time to say goodnight,' Dee began his sign-off around 11:45 PM. 'Every night, I would say 'goodbye,' and I noticed on the sheet Markus wrote 'goodbye,' 'cuz, you know, we have a little breakdown of what we're doing. I said 'Goodbye, why's he, you know, that's a heavy word,' and I realized that he wrote 'goodbye' on EVERY sheet, EVERY night. Five nights a week for the last nine months, it was 'goodbye.' And we say 'goodbye' all the time to eachother, and, and, you know, it's casual. 'Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.' And uh, I can't say 'goodbye' tonight.

'I won't say 'goodbye' tonight.

'I'll say 'Thank you for accepting me, and joining me, for my, and uh, enjoying my dementia.' And, uh, I'll say 'It's been a pleasure, an honor, to broadcast to you guys.' This is a HELL of a town, it always was a HELL of a town, it always will be a HELL of a town. And never think anything less than that. Know that.'

"After thanking his coworkers and fellow DJs at WMMR, Dee continued, 'With that all said, good night guys. See you again. Have no doubt, I'm not falling off the edge of the world. I'm just not doing nighttime radio anymore. OK? OK. I love you all, it's been an honor and a privelage. This is Dee Snider Radio. 93.3 WMMR.'

"After a commercial break, TWISTED SISTER's 'We're Not Gonna Take' was played folowed by DEF LEPPARD's 'Too Late For Love'."


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