Death-Rapper NECRO To Make European Live Debut In London

After building a rabid following across America, the critically acclaimed Brooklyn death-rapper NECRO has set his sights on Europe before he knuckles down to work on his new album. NECRO will premier his "Drugs, Gory Death and Sex Tour" at a special one-night-only headline show at The Scala, Kings Cross, London on January 11, 2007.

"I'm super excited about playing England, home of Ozzy and SABBATH, THE BEATLES and so many other legendary artists," says Necro. "I will definitely murder London. It's all about the fans, and all onlookers will get to see what a Necro U.K. fanbase looks like. Expect brutal energy, lots of pits, lots of blood and the most rugged music ever. I feel honoured to be lacing London first. As far as this being my first show in Europe ever, it's a great start and a great place to set shit off. Bring your women, England!!!!!! I wanna see what you got for me."

Necro's story begins much like your typical hip-hop story. Raised in the Glenwood projects of Brooklyn, NY, he was poor and began selling drugs at the age of 16, got into hip-hop...blah, blah, blah. But Necro is anything but your typical rapper. While some of his biggest influences are hip-hop greats like RAKIM, KOOL G RAP and BIG DADDY KANE, the harsh realities of his life also drew him to the sounds of bands like SLAYER and MEGADETH. Although he was able to recite all the lyrics to SLICK RICK's "La-di-da-di" at 7 years old, he would also blast METALLICA's "Kill Em All" out the window of his bedroom so all the kids in the projects could hear it. He even admits to crying when Cliff Burton (METALLICA's bassist) died. Nope, he is not your typical rapper.

Igor Cavalera, drummer of heavy metal legends SEPULTURA, is one of the many headbangers that Necro can count as fans. People like John Tardy of OBITUARY, Away of VOIVOD, and members of SLIPKNOT and HATEBREED — who normally would say "rap is crap" — have embraced him and have even collaborated musically with him. Sure, he may be one of the most brutal rappers ever painting pictures of death and gore. But he also represents every kid in the struggle and sick fuck who is down and out, cast aside and forgotten by society.

"Metal is everything to me, as much as hip hop. I am just as influenced by metal. Metal is a huge inspiration to me. I am metal, It's in my veins and blood. I'm more of a metalhead then those who claim it, I don't need to rock tight jeans and long hair to be metal — it's all about the music and my attitude, the riffs, the drums, the lyrics — not a fucking image. I'm old-school, I come from the '80s school of metal, not that '90s shit or that 2000 shit, but the '80s when shit was pure, taking it back to the first SABBATH album, that's what metal is: 'Kill 'Em All', 'Reign In Blood', 'Slowly We Rot', 'Leprosy', 'Master Of Puppets', I could go on forever. Real metalheads know the deal!!"


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