'Death' Rapper NECRO Talks About Project With Ex-SEPULTURA Drummer IGOR CAVALERA

Steve Saks of LivingForMetal.com recently conducted an interview with Brooklyn "death rapper" NECRO regarding his "The Circle of Tyrants" CD — featuring contributions from current and former members of TESTAMENT, BLACK SABBATH and SEPULTURA — plus his upcoming project with ex-SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera (as first reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on June 16). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

LivingForMetal.com: You also recently released another project "The Circle Of Tyrants". I like the CELTIC FROST-inspired band logo, That CD has the "who's who" of the metal world on it... Alex Skolnick of TESTAMENT, Vinny Appice [BLACK SABBATH, DIO] and Igor Cavalera of SEPULTURA fame. How did all of them get involved with the project?

Necro: "Well, Away from VOIVOD did the logo. I got him to do it and we worked on it and made it happen. He is a great guy and played on the 'Pre-Fix'. Igor of SEPULTURA actually sent me a message on MySpace. At first I thought it was a fake page because I am a huge fan of SEPULTURA and was kinda star-struck, but Igor gave me his number in Brazil and I kicked it with him and he told me how he wanted to be down with my movement, the metal hip hop movement and I told him I was honored and we made it happen, He said he was in a store in Europe one day and noticed this album with Edward J. Repka artwork on it and it caught his eyes, then when he looked on the back he noticed all his friends playing on it so he bought it and the rest is history. Now we are in a band together. Each move I make leads to the next one. I hope one day to work with the guys in METALLICA. As for Alex from TESTAMENT, I just e-mailed him and told him about the project and that I am a fan and I always throw in something special when speaking to a metal legend like with Alex. I think I told him the arpeggios on 'Trial By Fire' were godly and that I thought his lead solo intro was insane on that and that's enough to let one of these guys know I'm for real."

LivingForMetal.com: Speaking of Igor Cavalera, what can you tell me about your new project with him and what can we expect it to sound like as well as when you plan on recording and releasing it? Will it be under the Necro name or is it gonna be a new band name? And if so what is the name of the project?

Necro: "Well, this is all very new, we haven't recorded anything yet, but we plan on recording in the next month and the style will be all brutal shit, '80s style like DEATH, SEPULTURA, OBITUARY, METALLICA, MEGADETH, SLAYER and many other bands from that time. I am writing all the riffs and Igor will write all the drums so it's kinda like a Lars-and-James thing for us and it will be sick, I don't wanna release anything if it isn't godly, so if I release it, you can be sure we feel it's insane. [It] just has to be better than anything out now. Most shit sucks now so I don't think that will be hard. The real competition is the shit that was dropped in the 1980s and early '90s, so you can expect something real unique. My brain is heroin and Igor is one of the best drummers metal has ever seen, so we have a good foundation for insanity. So far we have no name or title for this, but it will have its own band name and it will be 100% metal — no rap. I will release a project that is all metal hip hop shit as well, but this band with myself and Igor is all metal."

Read the entire interview at LivingForMetal.com.


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