CRIMSON GLORY Bassist: 'We Are On Hiatus Due To Several Contributing Factors'

Metal Command recently conducted an interview with CRIMSON GLORY bassist Jeff Lords. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Metal Command: Can you give us an update on CRIMSON GLORY? What's the latest news for the band? Do you have songs for a new album as it's rumoured?

Jeff Lords: "We are on hiatus due to several contributing factors. The highest on the list of those factors is that the label that we were most recently doing business with — and thus, would back us, financially — went defunct. This was not long after we worked out the deal with them. Second on the list is probably the fact that our attempt at resurrecting the original lineup didn't come to fruition, and this was simply because a few of the older issues resurfaced ... the same issues that ultimately became an 'anchor' for the band in the past. Considering that and in conjunction with the former reason I think the momentum was simply lost. As far as for new songs, well, I think we individually all have some ideas floating around. However, we haven't actually woven any of them together, as of yet."

Metal Command: On Wikipedia website there is a title for the new CRIMSON GLORY album. According to the site it's going to be titled "Metatron, Lucifer and the Divine Chaos". Is this accurate?

Jeff Lords: "Yes and no! Yes, the original plan was to do the new album with said title. It was a semi-conceptual idea that Jon [Drenning, guitar] had been kicking around. No, in that I cannot say with absolute certainty what the proposed new album will be titled, or for that matter, if there will even be a new album. In the music business, everything is subject to change on a second's notice."

Metal Command: The current singer of CRIMSON GLORY, Wade Black, was re-hired for the band's new album. The first time he left CRIMSON GLORY, he said various things about his departure and about the band, like that you as a band haven't given him the respect he should have and that he was more like a hired musician to you. How did he get back in the band the second time?

Jeff Lords: "Some of the information that you have is not entirely accurate. We didn't re-hire Wade for the express purpose of making a new record; we re-hired him in an attempt to keep the band's momentum at that time ... and also, to essentially let the world know that CRIMSON GLORY would move forward, despite not having the band's original singer/lineup. As most of the world knows, we had done one album with Wade, so he was the logical choice. As far as Wade feeling like he was a hired gun, etc., I cannot comment too much on that, because this disclosure is fairly new to me. If we back up a bit, we first gained interest in Wade based on a time that Jon and myself happened to catch a show where Wade's band at the time, LUCIEN BLAKK, was playing. We felt that he had the charisma, the visual — and most importantly — the vocal cords, to be the new singer. Once we introduced ourselves, we also found Wade to be a pretty humble and easy-to-get-along-with guy. In my view, all of the aforementioned criteria is pretty much standard, and most certainly, they are all very admirable attributes for a singer to have. In other words, they are things that would make one feel empowered … that is to say, things that would eliminate doubt in one's mind, as opposed to creating it. In any event, I suppose it's kind of hard to avoid feeling 'hired' in situations where one guy replaces another. I think that's the nature of that type of situation."

Read the entire interview at this location.


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