COREY TAYLOR Talks About His Stolen Gear, Future Of SLIPKNOT (Video)

Fuse recently conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR singer Corey Taylor. You can now watch the chat below.

On the musical equipment that was recently stolen from his home in Des Moines, Iowa:

Taylor: "I've got 98 percent of it back. We were able to find a couple of my guitars that have some serious value for me — like, personal value.

"There was a misconception that the basses that were taken were actually Paul's [Gray, late SLIPKNOT bassist], and that's not true. They were Paul Gray signature basses that we got from Ibanez that we then brought with us out on the SLIPKNOT tours and had on stage to represent him. We had them at our house after these tours, and those were taken. But we've been able to kind of get those back; I've got my guitars back. We got a bunch of my equipment back. It's just been a process.

"Honestly, most of that stuff you can use as firewood. The betrayal is, really, what sucked. 'Cause [the guy who allegedly stole the gear] was a friend of mine. This was a guy I had looking after my house, my storage units… kind of looking after my best interests while we were gone. And we come home, and it's, like, 'Oh, great.' But the cool thing is, the other side of this is that if it weren't for my other friends, we wouldn't have known; we wouldn't known these things were gone until it was too late. And it also kind of re-established the fact that we have some really good friends, who look out for us no matter what."

On SLIPKNOT's future plans:

Taylor: "We're doing two shows in October in South America and probably Mexico. After that, except for those two shows, I've pretty much got the rest of the year off, which is awesome. I haven't taken time off in 15 years and I'm starting to kind of freak out. Next year, we're going to reconvene, with SLIPKNOT, and start throwing some new music at each other and start working on a new album. So that's the plan for right now. I'm getting some demos together and I know Joey's [Jordison, drums] got a bunch of stuff. Clown's [Shawn Crahan, percussion] a maniac, so he's gonna have some weirdness; his stuff is so crazy, it's beautiful. The great thing about this band is that there's so many creative minds that kind of bounce off each other. It's that kind of frisson that really make us what we are."

On why it has taken SLIPKNOT so long to return to the studio after the death of Paul Gray:

"If you are too overwhelmed, then when you sit down and try to write something, it feels forced. There's nothing worse than forced music. I mean, this world has enough of that right now, where it's basically McDonald's making music. 'Everybody needs another hamburger and fries.' Here's a piece of crap that nobody's gonna care about it two years. I hate that, and I don't ever wanna, so for me, I wanna be able to let the inspiration come to me. Because that's when you get the best stuff. There's so much expectation on this anyway that the last thing I wanna do is put the guys through that kind of bombardment. It's gonna be hard enough for us going into the studio without Paul anyway. The last thing I need is that cloud hanging over us. I mean, we already have the SLIPKNOT cloud anyway, which we've been complaining about since '98. But if we can all kind of go in and do it together, try to have fun with it, make it dark, make it crazy, make it beautiful, I think we'll have something very special."


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