CELTIC FROST mainman Tom G. Fischer has announced plans to release a solo album sometime in 2005. The following is Fischer's official statement on the matter:

"Yes, I am working on a solo album, and I am aiming at releasing it next year. This will in no way negatively affect or delay work on the new CELTIC FROST album. Quite the opposite — I began work on my own album because of my frustration over the extremely long gestation period of the CELTIC FROST album and my inability (in spite of a number of efforts) to speed up its completion. I am, after all, only one factor of many that influence the pace and the ultimate result of a new CELTIC FROST album recording.

"I never seriously pursued the idea of a 'solo album' (and I actually find that term ridiculous). But a little over a year ago, I began to complete music for an album of my own. I felt (and feel) barely able to contain my impatience and frustration over the slow progress of the CELTIC FROST album, no matter how happy I was/am about the music we have written for it.

"The CELTIC FROST album has become extremely heavy over the past year, and I have written virtually all of that music, together with [guitarist] Erol [Unala]. It is amazing and intoxicating to see and hear the band like this. But it is as important to me that a CELTIC FROST album also contains the typical ingredient of material that is different and that no other band would dare to include — just as we have done on our first three albums. But a key member of the band disagreed. There were numerous songs I submitted for inclusion on the CELTIC FROST album that were turned down; it was felt that these songs did not have a place on a CELTIC FROST album because they were too experimental. The rejected music is very closely related to my personal life and emotions, and there was no way I was just going to throw it away.

"The delays and the above scenario are the two reasons why I am working on my first album of my own. I have the music for eight songs completed and will begin vocal recordings this summer. The album will not sound like APOLLYON SUN. It is much more somber and utterly dark, as has been my life in recent years. The music can perhaps be described as dark wave, electronica... or, much better, as my innermost feelings and emotions turned into soundscapes, aural paintings. Since I was no longer bound by the identity of CELTIC FROST when working on this material, the songs have become far more electronic than how I imagined them played by CELTIC FROST. On the other hand, when I showcased some material to my close friends, they all said it sounds exactly like FROST. They were also rather taken aback by the darkness of it all.

"Musically, I am very happy right now, as I have the opportunity to complete two different but related works side-by-side. As much as I hate that it takes so long, the CELTIC FROST album will leave no questions unanswered. Of that I am sure. And my own album is very important to me personally. The parallel existence of CELTIC FROST allows me to focus solely on my own needs and to not be bound by sales or sound expectations. I am doing this just for me, and if only a handful of people out there will understand the emotions contained therein, these people and me will share something very special and very personal."


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