CELTIC FROST: In-Depth Video Interview With TOM GABRIEL FISCHER Available

CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer spoke with UVTV (Underground Video Television) in November on the band's tour stop in Binghamton, NY. The result is an in-depth video interview feature, "In Their Own Words", in which Tom expresses his feelings and views on a number of topics, including the formation of CELTIC FROST, how his childhood and upbringing has shaped his life, the reformation of CELTIC FROST after they had disbanded, the intensity of their shows and fans, his feelings about the influence of CELTIC FROST on both their fans and other artists, the making of their latest Century Media release "Monotheist", and in a UVTV exclusive, Tom reveals the possibility of CELTIC FROST making two live DVDs.

Tom spoke candidly and emotionally about his troubled childhood and upbringing and how that inspired him to create CELTIC FROST and express himself through his music. "We were slaves from the society that we hated, slaves to the system, little kids that had no other outlet than our music," Tom explains. He goes on to say that "because of our radical backgrounds that is why our music became so radical as well." Speaking on the making of "Monotheist", Tom states, "We created everything — we hired a producer, we did the artwork... We wanted to have full control." Tom goes on later to give advice to young bands. Based on his experience he suggests "retain as much control as you can in everything on every level from the artwork to the music, the merchandising, who is going to be the producer, the studio... everything. That takes a lot of courage. You know what you sound like — nobody else does. Don't give up the control."

Speaking on the influence CELTIC FROST has had over the years, Tom is humbled. "It's a huge honor for us. It feels very strange for me that other big bands would quote us as an influence. It seems so incomprehensible." He then goes on to talk about his childhood in great detail and how that shaped him, his ideals and goals as he matured into an adult seeking to express that upbringing in his music. "CELTIC FROST was my escape from the society I hated killing animals, destroying the planet, polluting the air, fighting wars, lying to each other, everything I detest. CELTIC FROST became my own little revolution, my own world, total extreme metal."

While touching on a myriad of other topics during the video interview Tom also spoke about the CELTIC FROST body of work thus far and revealed ambitious plans to make two live DVDs. "This is a very ambitious band this is what CELTIC FROST is all about. If we cease to be ambitious then we cease to have a reason to exist." He continues, "If everything goes according to plan, there will be two live DVDs. There no guarantee that either will be realized, but if we can, it will be two live DVDs like nothing that exists right now. We want to do something special, like our albums." Tom declined to extrapolate further about the DVD project stating that "we are scared somebody will steal the ideas" and that "not even the director that we are talking to knows what it's all about."

CELTIC FROST will be touring Japan in early 2007 followed by a full European tour, some festivals, then plans to return to North America and perhaps South America. Tom added, "All the while we'll be working on the next album."

The full 11-plus minute video interview feature "In Their Own Words" can be viewed at the UVTV (Underground Video Television) web site.


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