BRUCE KULICK Says Every KISS Fan Will Love PAUL STANLEY's New Solo Album

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick recently spoke to about the UNION DVD, touring with Eric Singer, working on Paul Stanley's upcoming solo CD, and his thoughts on Gene Simmons' "Asshole" solo album, among other topics. An excerpt from the interview follows: You've been staying busy and I know you're working with Paul Stanley on his solo album. How is that coming along?

Bruce Kulick: "I played bass on four tunes so far. He's asked me to play some guitar stuff. I'm just waiting on a phone call from him. The stuff is terrific. It's definitely what Paul really gets off on. The other half of the record I haven't heard yet, but it's very melodic. I'm happy that he's following his vision. He's not trying to write a KISS record, although every KISS fan is going to love it." Do the songs you've worked on compare to any previous KISS style?

Bruce Kulick: "Some of there are closer to cool things like 'Every Time I Look At You' from 'Revenge'. He's got some more up-tempo kinda things that I haven't heard. He's working with people like Desmond Child. I'm looking forward to doing some more work with him." Is he recovering well from his surgery?

Bruce Kulick: "He did the hip thing twice! How many hips do you have? You've gotta get it right. Last time I talked to him he said he was feeling really good. Just because I've got you here I wanna put you on the spot a little. What did you think about Gene's solo album?

Bruce Kulick: "I like it and I think it's all over the map. There's so many styles on there and some I couldn't even imagine him wanting to record. He had an interesting take on them all. The whole concept of calling a record 'Asshole'...the way he comes off as a pimp, I just don't get it. Gene wants to be outrageous and present himself in a certain way. 'Asshole' is a song he got from a band in Norway and I understand him being attracted to the song. It's a very catchy tune. I wouldn't want to call an album that or make it the featured first single. The 'Firestarter' thing — I don't get what PRODIGY has to do with KISS but if that turns on Gene, ya know? In some ways I think he had some strong moments and the rest of the time I just didn't get it. That's what solo records are about, though. I'm more scared about his box set! What is he talking about? That sounds scary to me!" 100 songs! I'm sure he has stuff you probably played on, right?

Bruce Kulick: "Sure, he could. I don't know. I haven't heard from him. Go ahead! I'd love to hear 'em get out there. Gene is a piece of work. He's very driven. It's kinda like Donald Trump was a rock star. It's a scary thought, but that's Gene Simmons. I know Paul is looking forward to getting his solo album out and proving that he's the musical driving force of KISS. They both contribute in very big ways but I think Paul's will be more defined and more in the area of KISS." What's your opinion of KISS? Not your opinion of the members individually, but the idea of the band continuing in makeup without Peter and Ace.

Bruce Kulick: "KISS is bigger than whatever is happening at any particular moment. It doesn't matter if they're going on their fourth farewell tour. KISS has made its mark and the KISS name represents a lot of very important things in rock 'n roll. Right now it seems they're in this period of 'What's next'? Paul's solo record is coming up but other than that I don't know. I don't know if they are that ambitious to say 'Let's do a record like 'Revenge' with Tommy Thayer and Eric.' They certainly could. I don't know why they don't have the drive to do things like that. Let's just get Paul's solo record out and then maybe they'll decide to define KISS for 2006."

Read Bruce Kulick's entire interview with at this location.


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