BLOTTED SCIENCE: 'The Animation Of Entomology' EP Finally Completed

Technical extreme metal instrumentalists BLOTTED SCIENCE featuring guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, TERRESTRIAL EXILED, SPASTIC INK), bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL), and new arrival, drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA, TERRESTRIAL EXILED) have completed work on their long-awaited EP, "The Animation Of Entomology", which is being released via Jarzombek's EclecticElectric label. The cover art was done by Atlanta, Georgia-based artist Richard Morley of Morley Arts and can be seen below.

Commented Jarzombek: "Usually with any release that I'm part of, whether it's on my own, or in a band/project context, I have a specific direction of how I hope things turn out, and this is another one that was absolutely nailed. Putting together these long distant recordings always involves a tremendous amount of time, discipline, communication, and motivation, and once again we wrote and completed another recording without the three of us ever having been in the same room together. While putting this all together was a bitch and a half, working with Alex and Hannes has been beyond exhilarating!

"As many of you know, all 24-plus minutes of the EP are a musical score to some type of bug movies. We will reveal the first one at my YouTube channel next Friday. We'll miss Friday the 13th by one day, but hopefully this viewing will be creepy enough for you. And so until the video appears, enjoy the audio. I realize that it all may be beyond wacky at this point, but it all will soon make perfect sense. In the meantime, you can get the digital download from iTunes or Amazon (Rhapsody, eMusic, etc. should follow shortly) or grab a physical copy of the EP from CD Baby or IndieMerch (who will also be our official merch company from now on; new shirts will be arriving soon), or directly from me at

"Apologies to those that pre-ordered the CD and T-shirt) from IndieMerch and are still waiting for their stuff. Unfortunately, we ran into a manufacturing issue with the CDs along the way which delayed everything by about a week.

"Many thanks to the fans who have already picked up the EP. The support is greatly appreciated! To those who choose to rip us off by illegally downloading, I hope a black widow spider bites you tonight while you're sleeping..."

"Up next for me is what I started working on several years ago. Yep, the instructional guitar DVDs. And this time, I'm not going to let a band project push them aside. I've had WAY too many people ask me about them over the past few years it's time to make them my priority. They were first shelved for the first BLOTTED SCIENCE CD, 'The Machinations Of Dementia', then a year and a half of trying to complete 'Mathematics' with WATCHTOWER and having it fall apart for a fourth time (in a nutshell we managed to complete the 'Size Of Matter' digital single around the time we played the Keep It True festival in Germany last year only to run into singer issues yet again. We tried to find someone who could work with the material and it went nowhere. First with Jason [McMaster], then with Alan [Tecchio], Stu Block, then back with Alan again. Didn't work. Maybe we'll try again in another four years.....). Then over the last couple of years, my main focus has been the 'Animation' EP.

"In any case, there were already three instructional DVDs in the works featuring SPASTIC INK, 'Machinations' and Ron Jarzombek solo material. Now I am adding the DVD which will include all guitar playing and theory for the just-released BLOTTED SCIENCE EP.

"If you guys are sick of all the bug stuff it's just starting! Since I will be taking apart everything guitar on the DVD, it will appropriately be called 'Dissecting Bugs'.

"For the EP, we used another 12-tone system, this one called '12 Tones In Fragmented Rows' and I was amazed at how well it worked for this material. Its use will be fully demonstrated and animated in the DVD.

"The DVD will be along the same lines as the 'Oscillation Cycles' video that I posted a while back, but I may have a bug mask on or have some scorpions crawling on my guitar as I'm playing.

"Finally, I have received quite a few inquiries about online guitar lessons. Right now, I am only doing private live-in-person lessons five days a week at two locations here in San Antonio, but am thinking about getting into online lessons. If/when this happens, I will post any info on all of my sites."

An audio sample of the new song "Omitting Eyes" from BLOTTED SCIENCE can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

Described as "a cross between CANNIBAL CORPSE, SPASTIC INK, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon," "The Animation Of Entomology" takes Jarzombek's fascination with animated cartoons and creepy crawlies to a whole new level. Having experimented with writing complex pieces of music to sync up with movie sequences in the past with his previous outfit SPASTIC INK, the concept has now been applied to BLOTTED SCIENCE over the course of seven songs and a total of 24 minutes of music.

Said Jarzombek: "We wanted to follow up 'The Machinations Of Dementia' along some of the same lines of science and gore, and came up with a killer concept and some great material with yet another 12-tone writing system. I totally busted my ass syncing things up, carefully orchestrated music to film, bug movies actually, and nit-picked notes to death on this material until my fingers bled and my brain nearly exploded. How everything falls into place I think is beyond incredible! Whether this is the heaviest or most technical thing I've ever done, I don't really know or care, but no other band/project is pulling off what we are doing with this EP."

"The Animation Of Entomology" track listing:

01. Ingesting Blattaria
02. Cretaceous Chasm
03. Vermicular Asphyxiation
04. A Sting Operation - I. Human Barbequed
05. A Sting Operation - II. Cessation Sanitation
06. A Sting Operation - III. Seeing Dead People
07. A Sting Operation - IV. Omitting Eyes

The folllow-up to the band's highly acclaimed 2007 "The Machinations Of Dementia" full-length album was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and V. Santura's (OBSCURA, TRIPTYKON) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

A two-minute video teaser for "The Animation Of Entomology" can be viewed below.


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