BIOHAZARD's SEINFELD To MORELLO And TANKIAN: 'Respect America Or Pack Your Shit And Leave'

BIOHAZARD frontman Evan Seinfeld has slammed AUDIOSLAVE guitarist Tom Morello and SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian over their continuous criticism of President Bush's foreign policy, saying that the outspoken duo should respect their country or "pack [their] shit and leave."

When asked by in a recent interview if he'd caught an MTV special on the war with Iraq featuring commentary from Morello and Tankian, Seinfeld said, "Tom Morello is probably the most politically confused guy I've ever heard speak. I think he's a nice guy, but him and Serj are doing some talk radio thing now and to me they're both fucking weak. They're both really confused. Look at SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Those guys are Armenian refugees. They came to America to escape religious and political persecution in their country and to save their lives. We saved their lives, America, and then he comes here and makes a career dissing America. I spoke to him personally about it, face to face: 'Don't diss America because the only reason you're alive is because America is here to save your ass.' He's like, 'Yeah, I haven't really thought about it that way.' Bullshit. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, those guys talk so much shit like they want to be communist and this and that, but they're total capitalists. They signed with Sony Records. Print all this. I hate everybody. Fuck it. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, if they were a band, would never take BIOHAZARD on tour because we're not part of the part of the whole 'pretend we're against the system, but we kiss everybody's ass in the music business to be up MTV's ass and up the radio's ass.' Fuck all that. That shit isn't rebellious. That shit's about as rebellious as the mall.

"I'm not a warmonger," he added. "In war, nobody ever wins, and in that respect, as an idealist, I understand why people are saying 'Stop the war.' It's a shame because people are going to die who don't need to die. Like our album title says, kill or be killed, and in the end, I'm worried about myself and my brothers in my band and my family and my son and my friends and my girl first. I'm worried about my country before I'm worried about anyone else's country. You know what, if you don't like it here, Tom and Serj, then you can pack your shit and leave. Period. That's your house, bro. Love it or leave it. Respect it. I've got no respect for those guys. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE goes on stage and burns the flag to get attention. 'Well, it's our right as Americans.' Yeah, so you know what, it's my right to punch you in the face."

In the same interview, Seinfeld refers to BIOHAZARD as "the pit bull on the ass of the music business" and goes on to single out BLABBERMOUTH.NET for "consistently misquot[ing]" him in the past, claiming that "those assholes at . . .. are going to take two or three sentences out of this interview because they're jealous of my life. They have to run a web site while I can be a rock star, ride motorcycles everyday, and live the good life. That web site consistently misquotes me. Every interview I do, they pull things. They'll pull one of the things I said about RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE here, and they'll say it's like an attack. Fucking idiots. It's yellow journalism. It's cowardly. The Internet made everybody really tough because anybody can hide behind a screen name. BIOHAZARD, we don't say anything that we're not willing to back up. That's probably the foremost reason we have our fans. We wrote all our songs about what we experienced in our life, growing up in Brooklyn, growing up in the streets, going through our battles with dysfunctional families, with drug abuse, with violence, with being misunderstood. These are things people really relate to. BIOHAZARD, kill or be killed, we're just like America, love it or leave it. All or nothing."

To read Evan's complete, (presumably) unedited interview with, click here.


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