October 2019 - Blabbermouth Archive

SAXON Begins Recording 23rd Studio Album

Biff Byford has confirmed that SAXON has commenced work on its 23rd studio album. The singer checked in via video message on his Twitter account — his first since undergoing an emergency triple bypass surgery last month. "I want to thank everybody for the brilliant messages you've sent," he said. "Brilliant. Thank you very much. ...

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CHRIS IMPELLITTERI Slams 'Larger Metal Sites' For Not Promoting His Latest Video: 'They Either Hate Us Or We Do Not Conform To Their Standards'

**UPDATE** Chris Impellitteri has made a new Instagram post saying that the Impellitteri Twitter account calling out BLABBERMOUTH.NET directly for not covering his band's latest video was fake (and it has since apparently been deleted). However, he did stand by the rest of the original message on the aforementioned Twitter account as it relates to ...

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JUDAS PRIEST's RICHIE FAULKNER Dismisses 'K.K. DOWNING Clone' Accusations: 'I Didn't Try To Copy Him'

JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Richie Faulkner has dismissed the criticism he received for supposedly trying to look too much like the man he replaced, original PRIEST guitarist Kenneth "K.K." Downing. Nearly three decades Downing's junior, Faulkner joined PRIEST in 2011 after previously playing guitar in the backing group for Lauren Harris, daughter of IRON MAIDEN bassist ...

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