ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman Suffering From 'End-Of-Tour Blues'

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following message on her MySpace page:

"If you wanna know how to play the blues, get yourself a woman..

"Well, I am both. Woman and 'end-of-tour'-bluesy. Terrible.

"My Mac broke down (the battery gave out, a serial defect) and I was offline for about 10 days. Thus the 'silence.'

"Loud Park festival in Japan was crazy and apparently we are in the top three of 'most popular bands' according to the festival's forum. This is wonderful news. They know how to make you work there. A big room full of media, journalists and industry people. And you have to do 'The Rounds.' All bands have to. I was totally talked out hours BEFORE the show. You got one day there and they know how to milk it. I had nothing left to say for days. I didn't need to, [as] the next day we embarked on a 23-hour flight marathon to Perth, Australia. We had a day off there, which I spent as a motionless carcass in bed. I was obviously wide awake the whole following night. Jetlag at its best. Love it.

"Perth is very beautiful at night. It is spring season there and the air is heavy with salty and flowery scents. I sat down at the beach in the moonlight and felt eternity. Maybe it was just the jetlag though. Or the space cookies. Anyway, the stars were closer to earth than anywhere else.

"The Australian shows were nothing short of amazing. Perth and Adelaide were sold out. Aussie metal fans are lunatics. Fucking great. The air was melting hot in the clubs. Packed and sweaty. That's how we like it. We sweat blood. At least that's how the stuff looked like dripping from the ceiling. And I love DANKO JONES.

"We joined forces with Gigantour again for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Me and Michael [Amott] had painfully missed the Drover brothers and drinking at least 5 bottles of wine per night whilst discussing 'real' heavy metal, a.k.a. MERCYFUL FATE and CARCASS. Genital Grinder!

"I was seriously impressed by SOULFLY! Max is so humble, almost shy and very, very nice. And a brilliant frontman. He has always been, I saw him back in the day with SEPULTURA. 'Beneath The Remains'. Joe Nunez is an animal on drums and Marc Rizzo throws in the odd flamenco/metal hybrid solo on his doubleneck axe. And you gotta love the trio-tribal drums. Hope to meet SOULFLY again sooner than later on tour. Wonderful people.

"Melbourne was the last show. After eight weeks on the road it felt unreal. Not good. We all jumped onstage for 'Peace Sells'. Dave gave a little speech after MEGADETH's set and said a couple of very nice things about us. Given the fact we are some of the biggest MEGADETH fans roaming this planet it truly touched our hearts. We are walking away from this tour with memories and impressions we will surely recall until we die. Some things money can't buy.

"My love and gratitude goes out to EVERYBODY who has been on this tour. We have had a great time with all the bands and got immediate help from the crew people whenever needed. MEGADETH's tour manager Tracey had an eye on everybody's well-being. Thank you so much for taking us out in Australia! The same goes for Mr. Dave Mustaine himself, who was caring and supportive all the way! Thank you so much!

"The next morning we had to jump from the top of the golden Gigantour mountain to the bottomless abyss of 24-hour flying, straight into dark, cold, stormy Sweden. I had the roughest landing ever. The plane was swinging from left to right like a drunken sailor. Piles of mail, bills and dirty clothes waiting for us. And the kids. They are the only 'sunshine' we get here atm. It is depressing. Time to write some lyrics.

"We are off for a couple of days, then we will embark on our European headline tour.

"I hope to see you headbangers out there and are up for having plenty of Glögg with you. Hot chocolate with Baileys will do too."

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