ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman ANGELA GOSSOW: 'I Love Metal With All My Heart'

ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow has posted the following message on her official MySpace page:

"OK, this question is making me rather frustrated lately. About half the population of metal fans out there seem to believe I do some cute vocals on one end of the mic — and there are evil growls and screams coming out on the other side (the PA).

"I got so fed up with it last week on the Metalway festival, Spain (we had a press conference there and I got that question twice!), that I took the microphone (a Shure SM 58), asked the translator if there are any effects on that one (of course not!) and let out a hearty scream. I saw about 60 people in the room jumping back simultaniously. I guess, I answered their question. They applauded and looked very excited.

"To everybody out there whom i can not meet in person and scream in his/her face to prove it IS my voice — the 'Zen Of Screaming' [DVD] part 2 ( will be out later this year and I will be featured on it: Screaming into the camera with no mic at all! So, all you bitchers, haters and negative minds: Go and check it out. I am sure, it will be on YouTube in no time.

"About effects in general: I HATE pitchshifter, it sounds totally artificial and ridiculous. So I am definitely not using one! I actually hate the sound of pitchshifter more than emo-hardcore. The same goes for distortion, I am not some angry new-metal shouter! As for doubler and harmonizer: It sounds much better, when I do it with my own voice, meaning, I am singing the vocal line in a high-pitched scream and then I put some lower growls underneath (the early DEICIDE style). Live, Michael and Fredrik are doing backing vocals! They are my 'harmonizers'. Especially Michael's growls are very low.. Some of you might remember his grunts from CARCASS.

"The effects I use live and in the studio are: chorus, delay, compression. The usual stuff EVERY singer uses. Otherwise, the vocals sound like as if they are floating on top of the music... and not within the music..

"Long story short: Effects only sound good in very small doses and only in some parts of the song. They are a gimmick, but can not replace or even create a voice! If they are used that way the singer sounds like a robot (just give the late CHER a listen — goddamawful!)

"I love metal with all my heart. I live metal 24/7. I am neither fake nor in it 'for the money' (good fucking joke!). I am doing this, because I love ARCH ENEMY. I love playing this music. I love screaming. Some like me, some don't. [At] the end of the day, the metal scene has enough to offer for everybody, for any kind of taste. I believe in encouragement and support of each other. I treat people with respect. I love this scene and its passion for music. Heavy metal has a lot of soul, a lot of blood in it. We shouldn't get swept away by our emotions too much though and literally shoot/stab/beat each other up over it! It concerns me very much to read people's comments like 'I hope she gets raped and strangled.' These people are latent rapists in my eyes. It is the thought that counts! So, next time you feel like posting this kind of message: Look into the mirror. What have you become?

"Be nice to your brothers and sisters in metal!"


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