ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian and BIOHAZARD frontman Evan Seinfeld are among the variety of music artists, TV and film stars, comedians, journalists and other celebrities who are scheduled to appear on VH1's "All Access Presents: So Jewtastic" — a celebration of everything you knew, and lots of stuff you didn't, about being Jewish.

Thanks to a mensch laden panel of pundits, "So Jewtastic" premiering Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m., will answer questions like: Why is it hip to be a Jew? (the trendy rise of Kabbalah), Are Jews crunk? (the marriage of Jews and hip hop) and what's the deal with Jewish stereotypes (money, sex and sports)? Jackie Mason will give classic lessons in "Yiddish 101" and an attempt will be made to figure out once and for all why Jews are so funny. So put down that gefilte fish and pop open some Manischewitz, being Jewish has never been "So Jewtastic." Other celebrities scheduled to appear on the program include Brooke Burke, Ben Lee, Matisyahu, Darryl McDaniels, Jackie Mason, Dr. Ruth, comedian Elon Gold, Dustin Diamond, Baby the rapper, L.A. Times' Joel Stein, Warner Music Group's chairman and CEO Lyor Cohen, Ron Jeremy, Rob Tannenbaum from the rock band WHAT I LIKE ABOUT JEW, Atlantic Records president Julie Greenwald, Bill Adler and Heeb magazine's Josh Neuman.

The show will cover topics such as:

* Jewish Stereotypes: "So Jewtastic" does not tip toe around the lingering stereotypes surrounding the Jewish community and asks whether there's any truth to the tired old assumptions about the Jewish mother, neuroses and sex.

* It's Hip To Be A Jew: Everywhere you look, on TV, in the movies and in music there's a homie of Moses. From Madonna practicing Kabbalah to Seth from the "OC" to Orlando Bloom in "Troy", it is now cool to be Jewish. Even non-Jews like Demi Moore and Britney are proudly wearing red string bracelets.

* Yiddish 101: Class is in session as Jackie Mason explains the meaning of various Yiddish words.

* Oy? Yo!: VH1 will remix both Jewish and hip hop culture as it examines the bizarre intersection of Jews and hip hop. Jews have always worked behind the scenes in hip-hop (Def Jam was co-founded by Rick Rubin and Lyor Cohen just to name a few) but now it seems like most Jewish kids are drawn to hip-hop more than ever. See the first-ever Jewish/hip hop "Bling-Off", as rap superstar Baby teaches a Jewish Bubbe (grandmother) the basics of blinging properly.

* From The Shtetl To Heavy Metal: Jews have played a key role in hard rock/heavy metal (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, David Lee Roth and many more). Is that the reason Jews are so music that is? Rockers Evan Seinfeld of BIOHAZARD and Scott Ian of ANTHRAX provide their take on the heebs who head bang, Bar Mitzvah pics included.

* Jews In Comedy: VH1 tickles your funny bone as we explore what's so funny about being Jewish. Even non-Jewish families on TV are Jewish (and played by Jewish actors), like the Costanzas on "Seinfeld". We send comedian Elon Gold to the famous Canter's deli in LA on a quest for answers to questions even some Jews can't answer with a segment titled: "Jew got questions, Jew got answers." What is a mohel? Why is there a hole in the middle of a bagel? Do you like gefilte fish enough to try it on TV?

* Jews In Sports: From wrestler Goldberg to baseball star Shawn Green to Jay Fiedler of the NY Jets, Jews are getting down and dirty. And the very few of them are surprisingly good at it.

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