AMEN Drummer Sticks Up For CASEY CHAOS, Slams Former Members

New AMEN drummer Joe Letz has issued a statement adressing recent rumors and accusations leveled against the group's frontman Casey Chaos by the band's former members. His statement reads as follows:

"Let me start off by saying that writing and addressing something in this manner is out of character for me, but I feel that there are a few things that just need to be said.

"As far as Casey having fuckloads of money, which seems to be the easiest cop-out these days... I'd like for you to explain to me why we have flashlights in every room of the house so that when the electricity goes off, 'cause SoundScan and record sales aint payin the bills, we can still see enough to get to the shitter. Don't you think that if Casey was spending all this money on CDs and cars and shit that he would consider paying the electric bill before all of it so that he could live in his house? I'm not complaining about the fact that I basically moved into a squat to join this band. I am just stating the obvious..

"Upon my arrival, Casey introduced me to the bands business manager, which is the person who takes care of all the personal and business bills for the band and himself. Casey made sure that I understood that I could have the same open lines of communication with them as he did. It's been explained to me that everyone in the band always had this option, and has been confirmed by numerous sources that they were never interested enough to seek out the truth, only to accuse.

"I was really trying to keep an open mind to this whole situation, but I can honestly say that the actions that I have witnessed totally disqualify ANY accusations towards Casey or the way that the band is run. What I see is a group of guys who got involved with something that they thought was cool, and then realized that it was a fuckin' mess and decided to blame Casey instead of themselves for their decision to join. And let's face it, everyone knows that this band is a mess. Always has been... always will be.

"When Casey asked me to come out here to play with the band, he told me a couple of things.... He told me that I would hardly make any money, if any at all. He told me that there was a possibility that I would get hurt onstage. I knew this already as the night before the NY show on the BRIDES [OF DESTRUCTION] tour, Luke's finger had almost gotten chopped off from a cymbal when Casey jumped into his kit (might I add that, admirably, Luke was pretty proud of his wound and was happy to keep the shows goin'.. I, in return, was proud and thankful of him for putting on a great show with a fucked-up finger).

"As far as Casey goes, he is a fuckin mess. He will never deny this to anyone. I can honestly say that Casey Chaos is out of his mind, and yes, sometimes it is scary, and sometimes it is sad. But one thing is for sure. It certainly is not an act. At the end of the day, Casey is an artist, and aren't some of the most notable artists in history out of their minds? This is where you have to make a decision on wether or not you are interested in his music, or any music at all for the right reasons, because one thing that I can tell you about Casey and about AMEN is that the music is a true representation and result of how Casey lives his life. It is angry, aggressive, and unsafe. Same on stage, same off stage. The music of AMEN is not responsible music. It is not politically correct. Its purpose is not and never will be to pay the bills or to pay band members. Its purpose is an outlet for Casey. He knows that it's not gonna be on the radio and that no one is gonna promote it. He also knows that not a lot of people are going to like it, but he is convinced that it is the best music so it is what he will do. It is a gift for all of you who are into the band, or even were at one point. And a middle finger to those who aren't. It is not about a band member who you might have become friends with, who isn't friends with Casey anymore. So if that is what you are after, then that is cool. Go check out Sign onto their message board. I heard those dudes like to fuck their 'groupies' too..... So are you a groupie or a fan of music?

"As for where i stand in this band, I'll make this statement right now. Not only did I leave THEO to come out here, which was a band that i was in that I loved to death, but I also passed up two offers which i received the same week Casey called me, which were both huge opportunities and would have paid very well. I chose AMEN. I expect to be hurt onstage and to not make any money at all. I expect to get frustrated with dealing with Casey because he is a mess, and let's face it, I am a part of his life now. But I also understand that I made the decision to be here, and if I ever feel that it is time to move on, no matter what the reason is, I simply move on. None of this high-school garbage press bullshit. THAT is what is not fair to you all. Not the fact that Casey put up a contract to show you all LEGAL PROOF to defend himself against certain accusations and to try and show you all the truth.

"These dudes are all saying that they want to be honest with the fans of AMEN and to let everyone know 'the truth' because it is the right thing to do. All that they are doing is passing blame on a decision that they made. And in turn, they are doing a great injustice to the fans by forcing them to think about these things. They are the ones that are forcing you to take sides by making all of this public. If you want drama go watch a soap opera. We are gonna go make some fuckin' music."


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