ABIGOR Mainman Issues Update

Mainman Peter Kubik of reunited Austrian black metallers ABIGOR has issued the following update:

"Before we unleash the split project with BLACKLODGE, which took larger and more monumental forms than we first conceived (and, how could it be possible NOT to expand and delay something true to its infinitely flowing, fluctuating and interlocking concept of 'Time vs:sv nataS'), the next in a line of forthcoming releases will be an ultimate link between ABIGOR's past, present and future.

"16 years since we first joined forces under the banner of ABIGOR, 10 years since its original release on Napalm Records, two years since Peter Kubik and T.T. [Thomas Tannenberger] reunited and A.R. [Arthur Rosar] and End All Life reinforced this unit to execute the devil's work (as well as to our own self-realization, illumination, plenary indulgence and the lashing of our minds), we bring forth a new version of an album written in 1998 and first recorded in early winter 1999, 'Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan'.

"The original recording was a landmark in ABIGOR's history. On one hand, it represented the perfection of the imperfect method how we prepared, accomplished and engineered our visions in the '90s. On the other hand, it also marked the end of the second ABIGOR trinity, with both Silenius (during the recordings) and T.T. (after the recordings) quit the service. 'Channelling The Quintessence Of Satan' should have been the ultimate peak in the string of our releases in the past century, yet due to reasons inherent in the original version as well as external ones, this album never glared in its full glory.

"This is about to change.

"On the foundation of the original drum and guitar tracks recorded on the first two days of the session at Hörnix studio in '99, seven hymns have been revised, reshaped and reworked. Above all, new arrangements, new edits, new bass, new vocals and a new sound constitute an exception to the ordinary 'remastered re-releases' or common re-recordings of old songs. This is a marriage of ABIGOR's past with our current vision of uncompromising black metal — ten years old Hörnix material interwoven with new recordings made at Hell-lab. In its new form, this album — even more than the '93 demos or the '97 opus 'Apokalypse' — underlines ABIGOR's thrust in a distinct 'style' that manifested in a post-millennial wave of so-called underground black metal.

"Set for a release in June or latest July, it is the first in a new line of upcoming works (the split CD and DLP with BLACKLODGE in late summer, the 7" demo box in fall and the true successor of 'Fractal Possession', a new full-length album in late 2009) to honour the shining spirit who has many names, to feel the aspiration of his omnipresence, to unlock the secret inherent in the reversal creation, to administer a sacrifice to the horns that lurk beyond the stars."

ABIGOR's latest album, "Fractal Possesion", was released in May 2007.


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