(Nuclear Blast)

01. Exordium [Intro]
02. Vanish Away
03. Final Warning
04. That's Why I Despise You
05. The Fraud
06. Into The Arms Of Misery
07. Perdition For All
08. Now Or Never
09. Aftermath
10. Everything Undone
11. Contradictions
12. Retain The Scars
13. Exitus [Outro]

RATING: 7/10

You can almost always count on the Germans to create high value thrash and DEW-SCENTED are about as reliable as it gets. You can argue that the band essentially creates the same album over and over again (an exaggeration, yet not totally inaccurate), but if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? "Incinerate" is no major departure from "Issue VI" and considering that "Issue VI" is a white-hot slab of thrash aggression, it becomes awfully difficult to complain about "Incinerate" following a similar path. The bottom line is that for those folks that want their thrash in your face, scalding to the touch, and full of unrelenting rage, DEW-SCENTED gets the job done admirably.

Aside from a couple of arrangement twists (occasional tempo change, vocal effect, etc), one of the primary differences between "Issue VI" and "Incinerate" is the band's enlistment of a new producer. Choosing not to go with Andy Classen, the quintet handed over the reins to Jörg Uken and Soundlodge Studios (GOD DETHRONED), while superstar Andy Sneap handled the mixing. The resulting sound is not a whole hell of a lot different than what was heard on "Issue VI", meaning that the guitars still sound white hot and the feeling one gets from listening to the disc is that face melting is a distinct possibility at high volumes. Between "Exordium (Intro)" and "Exitus (outro)" is a batch of songs that, once again, go straight for the jugular. Whether it is "Vanish Away" or "Final Warning" (two prime examples of the DEW-SCENTED style), it is a case of fast tempos, flesh-tearing riffs, searing leads, and the throat-bleeding screams of vocalist Leif Jensen. Most noteworthy are the appearances of Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) and Gus G. (FIREWIND) on "Perdition for All", both contributing guitar solos. KREATOR's Mille Petrozza makes a guest vocal appearance on "Retain the Scars" and his interplay with Jensen is great. In fact, it is the album's most dynamic song from an arrangement standpoint, although we are still talking in relative terms.

In the end, all those people that have been bellyaching about THE HAUNTED making such a big leap forward in terms of style expansion on "The Dead Eye" (and yes, it's a great album) can always fall back on DEW-SCENTED to get their quick fixes. If you liked what you heard on past DEW-SCENTED releases, you'll like what you hear on "Incinerate". Don't expect to be surprised and you'll be just fine.


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