(Boris vinyl EP)

01. Goathrower
02. Cherokee Curse
03. Cave of Hatred
04. After World Inebriation
05. Let's Get Drugs (ZEKE cover)

RATING: 7/10

"Smoked out, beer drenched, headbangers belching burrito-tinged death breath since '07."

So decrees Atlanta thrash maniacs SPEWTILATOR, and while that may not be the most enticing invitation to hook up with their out-of-control vinyl EP, "Goathrower", if you like it dished tirelessly fast and stupid nasty, then let that be your summons.

SPEWTILATOR might catch hell from the Slatanic Wehrmacht for their liberally borrowed band logo, but their guts-gnawing speed with subliminal hardcore triads should win over a few fans. Think of MUNICIPAL WASTE, MANGLED and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER with next to zero conscience and a lot of weed and ye-bang, you have SPEWTILATOR.

Their "Goathrower" EP is over before it begins, especially with the abbreviated joke of a tune "Cave of Hatred" opening the flipside and its three-line lyric spread: "Sorcerer of hellish riffs. Faces melted. Don't need no fingertips to fucking shred". Pretty much SPEWTILATOR's entire prospectus along with their more than blunt dedication to intoxication. Only GANG GREEN praised being shitfaced more than these guys.

To the positive, SPEWTILATOR have no trouble navigating their churning seas of thrash and grindcore. The constant blitz of "Goathrower" will seize listeners and shake them senseless, quickly dicing their thrash and mosh modes as if possessed by them. In this, the brute force of SPEWTILATOR is unquestionable. Drummer Jake slays most of his parts, shanks in a few spots, while the guitars of Rafay are positively insane as he shreds the shit out of "Goathrower", "Cherokee Curse" and "After World Inebriation".

It's the holler-barf switch-ups from bassist/vocalist Ryan that tend to go overboard. Even his screechy caterwauls on "Cherokee Curse" (a song already treading the line by starting off with "Cursed by an asshole, an Indian enthusiast") are piercing in a laughable manner. While Ryan tells his proverbial bane "you suck" while describing the tortures of the curse, his up and down pitches begin to wear out the more he switches them. The mid-range screaming octaves are fine, but the constant abruptness of his pukes get old in a hurry. Keep a bucket handy.

SPEWTILATOR finishes their over-done with-gone EP with a cover of ZEKE's "Let's Get Drugs", which is dished for speed freaks (no pun intended) and you'll either be flipping the 45 back over for another run, or you'll be shaking your head and moving on. Either way, "Goathrower" is a frequently kickass though cluttery mess. Would you have expected anything less with a band name like "SPEWTILATOR?"


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