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Red Hands Black Deeds - SHAMAN'S HARVEST

Jefferson City, Missouri's SHAMAN'S HARVEST has already dipped its toes in the ocean of commercial success, most notably with "Dragonfly" from 2009's "Shine". The group has the right sound and style at the right time rendering them fit to capitalize and ride that wave. The band's sixth full-length album, "Red Hands Black Deeds", exists at ...

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ROY MAYORGA: STONE SOUR Is 'Everything I've Wanted In A Band'

Heather Brown of the 105.9 The Grizz radio station conducted an interview with STONE SOUR drummer Roy Mayorga prior to the band's July 16 appearance at this year's Chicago Open Air, which was held at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois. You can listen to the full chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). ...

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