WORLD UNDER BLOOD Completes Recording Debut Album

WORLD UNDER BLOOD, the melodic death metal side project featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller alongside Tim Yeung (DIVINE HERESY, VITAL REMAINS, HATE ETERNAL) on drums, Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) on bass, and Luke Jaeger on guitar, has finished recording its debut album, "Tactical", for a summer release via Nuclear Blast Records.

Commented Miller: "I flew out to [guitarist-turned-producer] James Murphy's [TESTAMENT, DEATH, OBITUARY] home studio to track the rest of the vocals and it was a very gratifying experience. I was in total awe of his vinyl collection and his cat Sasha, but most of all I was enamored by the professionalism and discipline he instilled during these sessions that really put me in my place.

"James really brought out the best in me and having only had two producers in my entire career, I can say that I'm lucky to be continually working with James Murphy and Chad Ginsburg. I've realized that in the end the only way to have a top-notch producer with an amazing ear is to be working with someone who has a musical history and a musical ability themselves. Not just some overpaid name/reputation dude that leaves Post-It notes on Pro Tools monitors. Those days are over.

"The goal for the eight original tunes that ended up on this album was that they would all be super-fast, extremely brutal and harsh, catchy, melodic, and occasionally offensive and disturbing. I also had to make sure that the entire band was satisfied with their work.

"Tim Yeung is easily the most impressive drummer in the world. He thinks that some kid is going to come along and dethrone him speed-wise, but as far as writing, arrangements, creative input and immediate knowledge of song structure, he will never be beat. It's like the guy can read my mind. I present a somewhat intricate song to him and 50 minutes later we're demoed and done.

"Luke Jaeger flew through his solos in less than eight hours.

"Murphy and I were thinking the same thing, 'These solos have to be incredible and memorable,' not just finger-flailing virtuoso garbage. He nailed them all.

"I wanted the best musicians for the job and I think we got it.

"Personally, I love this record and am very pleased with it. It's probably the first album I've worked on where I truly don't care what anyone else thinks. I'll be blasting it for years and I'm confident you will, too.

"Either way, we made a great record and i want to thank the band and Nuclear Blast worldwide for the opportunity. Also, the fans all over the world for their amazing support and encouragement.

"See you on tour!"

"Tactical" tentative track listing (not final sequence):

* Dead And Still In Pain
* Under The Autumn Low
* A God Among The Waste
* Pyro-Compulsive
* I Can't Stand His Name
* Into The Arms Of Cruelty
* Revere's Tears
* Purgatory Dormitory
* Wake Up Dead (MEGADETH cover; bonus track)
* Alliance Or War (MALEVOLENT CREATION cover; bonus track)

James Murphy previously stated about the project, "WORLD UNDER BLOOD bridge a gap between genres that has never been bridged.... a few have tried with mixed results, but this is the first real resounding success of fusing brutal, blasting death metal with a melodic American rock vibe and it opens a door that will turn into a floodgate... I'm very happy to have been picked by Deron to mix this project ... he really pulls it together on this one musically and Tim's performance is stellar as well."

Deron Miller is widely credited for conceiving the long-delayed DEATH tribute project, "Within The Mind - In Homage To The Musical Legacy Of Chuck Schuldiner", as a means to help James Murphy raise money for his medical bills (Murphy is currently receiving treatment for a massive brain tumor with which he was diagnosed in August 2001).

The project, which has the blessing of the family of late DEATH mastermind Chuck Schuldiner (who passed away in December 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor), has been in the works for the last few years and is expected to feature a number of special guest appearances, including those by members of SLIPKNOT, NEVERMORE, FEAR FACTORY, STATIC-X, and MALEVOLENT CREATION.


* Deron Miller (CKY) - Guitar/Vocals
* Risha Eryavec (DECREPIT BIRTH) - Bass
* Luke Jaeger - Guitar

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