WEDNESDAY 13 Discusses New Solo Album, Status Of MURDERDOLLS

MURDERDOLLS frontman Wednesday 13 recently spoke to about the current status of the MURDERDOLLS and his upcoming solo album, "Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead". A couple of excerpts from the interview follow: You have a great new CD, entitled "Transylvania 90210: Songs Of Death, Dying and The Dead". Why did you do this and not another MURDERDOLLS CD?

Wednesday 13: "The MURDERDOLLS went on a hiatus around July 2003. We knew our guitarist [Joey Jordison] was going back to SLIPKNOT to write and record and we did not know how long that was going to take and it took them longer than expected. We had planned on recording another MURDERDOLLS CD at the end of 2003 and that never happened. 2004 came up and the new SLIPKNOT CD was going to come out in May and they were going to tour the world etc. etc. I was not going to take two or three years off and wait for the MURDERDOLLS to come back. I was always active before the MURDERDOLLS playing and I knew that I could not take two or three years off because this business is so cruel and they will forget about you." Your CD is about to come out and it sounds like nothing else out there, do you think that will help push it further?

Wednesday 13: "I will use the comparisons on how MURDERDOLLS was marketed, the scene was mostly nu-metal, it was on the downward spiral but it was still there. I thought we were kind of odd ball then but now the music now has really changed but I would rather have that stuff again compared to the shit that is out there now. I do not understand what the music is doing now, I do not know what I am hearing and why I am hearing it. I do not get it and I do not know how it is doing what is doing and why it is doing it. So I know I am even more of an oddball this time out." Are you referring to the "screamo/emo/hardcore?"

Wednesday 13: "All of that stuff, yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I watch 'Headbanger's Ball' and all of those video shows, I am aware, I just cannot tell who is who. There are about seven or eight bands that decided that they are going to have the same haircut and they are going to wear eyeliner and I cannot tell them apart either. All of a sudden they are called… goth. No they are not, they are bad metal and they decided to wear eyeliner." You did a video for "I Walked With A Zombie", how did that go?

Wednesday 13: "It was odd because we bought the rights to 'Night of the Living Dead'. It is public domain so it was not expensive but you have to still buy the rights. He shot us on a green screen all day at different angles. After that he edited us digitally into the original movie. When you see it looks like we are actually in the original movie, it is so fucking cool. It took him 2 hours to edit every second of the film, I do not know how he had the patience. If they never play it or nobody ever sees it at least I know I have a cool video."

Read Wednesday 13's entire interview with at this location.


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