WEDNESDAY 13 Comments On New Solo Album, Split With ROADRUNNER

WEDNESDAY 13 recently spoke to's Welsh interviewer Anthony Morgan. Topics of discussion included the making of sophomore solo album, "Fang Bang", his departure from Roadrunner Records, supporting ALICE COOPER on U.S. dates later this month, the MURDERDOLLS initial grouping and its uncertain future and the 2005 live reunion of FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Rockdetector: Could you begin by telling me about your latest album "Fang Bang"?

Wednesday 13: "Just the new material itself?" the singer asks. "Yeah, I wrote it in all respects, though it's pretty different to the last one I did. Musically, 'Fang Bang' is a more 'in-your-face' rock, punk kind of record, whereas the last album leant further towards a darker, horror-inspired style. This is more of a 'put-your-fist-in-the-air' rock anthem record."

Rockdetector: You said that it resembles earlier FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 material. How does it do so?

Wednesday 13: "Well, I think it's somewhat true. 'Fang Bang' is more basic, simpler and has more of the energetic punk vibe that DRAG QUEENS had back in the day. Having said that, it's still different enough; it doesn't sound exactly the same, yet kinda reminds me of that era within my past."

Rockdetector: Could you tell me why you left Roadrunner Records earlier this year?

Wednesday 13: "They weren't happy with what I did, whereas I wasn't exactly happy with what they did! We agreed to disagree, and just parted ways."

Rockdetector: What wasn't Roadrunner Records happy with then?

Wednesday 13: "I was happening in certain territories around the world but not everywhere, especially not America."

Rockdetector: And what wasn't you happy with?

Wednesday 13: "What wasn't I happy with? They didn't know what to do with the record; they issued the album which is just about all they did."

Rockdetector: They didn't know how to promote your first solo album?

Wednesday 13: "Well, they have too much money and bands like NICKELBACK than to worry about a creator like me."

Rockdetector: Do you think there'll be another MURDERDOLLS album in the future?

Wednesday 13: "Maybe. Who knows? As of right now I wouldn't say anytime soon, though never say never."

Rockdetector: Joey (Jordison) said he wishes to concentrate solely on SLIPKNOT, didn't he?

Wednesday 13: "Well that's his band, so he's going to place all his concentration towards that."

Rockdetector: When MURDERDOLLS returns, will Joey be onboard?

Wednesday 13: "Oh, of course. Without him it won't be there at all, which was an agreement we made a long time ago. If he wasn't onboard then it wouldn't be a band, and the same vice versa. You'd have to bring the two of us together to make it work."

Rockdetector: How would you describe the live atmosphere of the FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13 reunion gigs that you performed last year?

Wednesday 13: "It was really quick, short and over before it even started. It was fun, but it was a little too much, too soon."

Rockdetector: Will you reunite with them?

Wednesday 13: "We'll see. That's the same thing as the MURDERDOLLS — it may happen, though it may not. I have no idea."

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