WARRANT Announce New Lineup

'80s hard rockers WARRANT have revamped lineup following the departure of singer Jani Lane last month. Joining original members Erik Turner (guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass) and Joey Allen (lead guitar) in the new group are BLACK 'N BLUE singer Jaime St. James (vocals) and drummer Mike Fasano. A photo of the new lineup can be viewed at the band's official web site, www.warrantweb.net. "It's been a blast to play the music again," explained returning guitarist Joey Allen. "I haven't played these songs for eight or more years. I am totally comfortable being side-by-side with Jerry and Erik again. It feels like home." "I've known the guys in WARRANT for many years when they were still playing the Sunset Strip," stated St. James. "We have the same tastes in music and love to rock. I am thrilled to play with my longtime friends." Mike Fasano played in WARRANT from 2001-2003 and returns for 2004. "As soon as I heard that 'The Squealer' was back (a.k.a. Joey Allen), I was in," said Fasano. "The positive energy that Jaime brings to the band is contagious," stated Turner. "Having Mike Fasano, the Dean Martin of rock, back behind the kit makes us come full circle. Jerry and I very excited about the future and the making of a new WARRANT record. We hope to have it out in fall of 2004." "I was surprised that the transition from Jani to Jamie had gone so smoothly," added Dixon. "It feels like this new combination is meant to be. I think people are going to be blown away when they hear us. Having Joey back also brings that original WARRANT sound back to the band." With a new lineup, a fresh sound and bandmembers in place, WARRANT are getting ready to head out on the road starting this March. "Playing in this band is fun again," said Turner. "Hearing Joey playing guitar on all the classics is awesome. 'Rainmaker', 'Sure Feels Good To Me' and 'Ridin' High' are kicking my butt at rehearsals and I can't wait to play them live for our fans."