Vocalist JOHAN LINDSTRAND Talks About THE CROWN's Split, Upcoming ONE MAN ARMY Debut

Swedish webzine Global Domination recently conducted an interview with former THE CROWN and current ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET frontman Johan Lindstrand. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Global Domination: Before we discuss your new band, ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, let's talk for a second about the demise of THE CROWN. There have been numerous stories, rumors, and such about the real reason behind the band's decision to call it quits. In your own opinion, what really caused the split between you guys?

Johan Lindstrand: "In my own opinion? It's written on the homepage, isn't it? Haha, no, but seriously, there are a few other reasons besides getting ass-fucked by amateur booking agencies and having just pure bad luck. There were five very important people in THE CROWN and at the time of the split, half the band didn't wanna continue writing death metal music. We talked about changing our sound very much but it would never had worked out and it was better to split up than to release some strange and different album not worth calling a CROWN album."

Global Domination: When you left THE CROWN after "Deathrace King" [2000] to work at a Saab auto factory, many assumed you would do the same after the breakup. What motivated you to come back with ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET?

Johan Lindstrand: "It wasn't my intent to leave the band just to commit 100% to that shitty factory. There were simply a lot of economical problems at home but at the same time there was a lot of pressure to put a lot of effort into the band. When you tour as much as we did on the 'Deathrace King' album without getting shit for it, it's very hard to work as a human being. But when I came back to the band, all my previous problems had vanished. I think it was very good to get away for a year because when I got into the band again I had this new energy. I felt things I've never felt before. So I was very happy about that situation and ready to kick some more ass but all of a sudden we called it quits, which is so fucked up. So after that I felt very depressed but I knew that I wanted to continue with the music so started to write and this demo got recorded and the machine was rolling again. Now it doesn't bother me at all that we split up because otherwise the ONE MAN ARMY would never have existed."

Global Domination: For a period of time, the identities of the other members of the band were kept secret, but recently the band lineup was revealed. It looks like you've found a very solid group of musicians to become THE UNDEAD QUARTET. Will this be a full time venture for all involved, or will the other members continue to pursue their other bands/projects, etc.?

Johan Lindstrand: "Everybody's totally into this new band, but yes, they all have different bands as well but that won't affect the conquering power of this band. Not at all. But I'm fully aware that on some topics like gigs and stuff it might crash some day but that day is far away I think. But as I've said before, no matter what, this band will stay focused on my point of view and that is 110% marching forward but I really hope that the UNDEAD QUARTET will stay in this shape forever 'cause they're all great guys. I'm really happy to have them."

Global Domination: From what I understand, you'll soon be preparing a full-length album for an early 2006 release. Can you divulge any details as far as who you plan to record with, song titles, etc.?

Johan Lindstrand: "Yeah, we will record the album straight after the summer I think. We have a very good studio in mind but not 100% confirmed so I will not reveal it yet. I have almost all titles and lyrics finished and there will probably be like 6 new songs besides all the demo songs. These new songs are real killer. If you like the demo you will love this. That's a promise. Some new titles are 'Mary's Raising The Dead', 'Bulldozer Frenzy', 'Still Marching', and 'Hell Is For Heroes'."

Global Domination: Will this band be the type of band to play one or two shows after each album release and remain in Sweden, or are you guys looking to do some serious touring?

Johan Lindstrand: "No! No! No! We plan to tour the hell out of this planet. I think we will start the next year with some support tours and a couple of festivals. It would've been cool to go to the States after the first album. I mean, if the album does well, they will probably throw us on a lot of tours but time will tell. I have to say this one more time. This is no goddamn project. This is a real band and real bands play live, period!"

Read Johan Lindstrand's entire interview with Global Domination at this location.


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