VIRGIN STEELE: 'Age Of Consent' Reissue Due In November

SPV/Steamhammer will re-release VIRGIN STEELE's "Age Of Consent" album in November. This 2CD digipak reissue comes with bonus tracks, five of them previously unreleased, and a massive booklet with new liner notes and previously unseen photos. It will also be made available in vinyl for the first time since 1988.

Release dates:

Germany: November 25
Rest Of Europe: November 28
USA/Canada: November 22

Originally released in October 1988, "Age Of Consent" was the fourth full-length album by VIRGIN STEELE. It took eight months to be completed, in comparison with 1985's "Noble Savage", which was recorded in only a few weeks. The songs on "Age Of Consent" follow in style and content the music of its precedessor.

Before the release of "Age Of Consent", VIRGIN STEELE toured heavily in Europe as special guests for BLACK SABBATH and MANOWAR.

Commented VIRGIN STEELE singer David DeFeis: "To me, 'Age Of Consent' is the album that I usually refer to as 'the one that got away album' in our career. When it was originally released it was sent out into the world without any promotion or fanfare, much like a soldier, catapulted onto a battlefield, naked and without any weapons. Because of this many people were completely unaware of its existence. Therefore we are absolutely over the moon about being able to present it to you once again. For this reissue, I have remastered all the songs from the original source tapes, and added several more 'bonus tracks.' Some of the bonus material features brand new compositions, and other tracks are covers that have been re-arranged and in some cases re-written.

"We hope that you will join us in celebrating our anniversary, and we hope you will enjoy and play at maximum volume these barbaric-romantic creations."

Track listing:

Double digipak (including new booklet with rare photos and new liner notes by David DeFeis):


01. The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) (6:39)
02. Let It Roar (3:48)
03. Prelude To Evening (1:10)
04. Lion In Winter (5:32)
05. Stranger At The Gate (1:30)
06. Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) (8:33)
07. Coils Of The Serpent (1:24)
08. Serpents Kiss (8:15)
09. On The Wings Of The Night (4:41)
10. Seventeen (4:21)
11. Tragedy (4:22)
12. Stay On Top (3:37)
13. Chains Of Fire (3:35)
14. Desert Plains (4:52)
15. Cry Forever (4:32)
16. We Are Eternal (4:13)


01. Screaming For Vengeance (5:11) (bonus track)
02. The Curse (2:57) (Bonus Track)
03. Breach Of Lease (5:58) (bonus track; previously unreleased)
04. Another Nail In The Cross (6:24) (bonus track; previously unreleased)
05. A Changling Dawn ("Noble Savage" acoustic version) (10:56) (bonus track; previously unreleased)
06. Under The Graveyard Moon (6:53) (bonus track; previously unreleased)
07. Down By The River (5:43) (bonus track; previously unreleased)

Double Gatefold LP in coloured blue vinyl and printed innersleeves:


Side A

01. The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) (6:39)
02. Let It Roar (3:48)
03. Prelude To Evening (1:10)
04. Lion In Winter (5:32)
05. On The Wings Of The Night (4:41)

Side B

01. Seventeen (4:21)
02. Tragedy (4:22)
03. Chains Of Fire (3:35)
04. Cry Forever (4:32)
05. We Are Eternal (4:13)


Side C

01. Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) (8:33)
02. Coils Of The Serpent (1:24)
03. Serpents Kiss (8:15)
04. The Curse (2:57 (bonus track)

Side D

01. Screaming For Vengeance (5:11) (bonus track)
02. Another Nail In The Cross (6:24) (bonus track; previously unreleased)
03. Under The Graveyard Moon (6:53) (bonus track; previously unreleased)


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